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Critical Challenges in Content Marketing Professionals Face in 2020


We have begun our journey into a new decade with optimism, but there is also a need to understand the challenges in front of us.

Content marketing is one of the few parts of digital marketing slated to drive the practice into a new era. While we may be using the term ‘content’ more often these days, content as a consumption good has been a staple commodity for longer than we care to imagine.

Even before digital devices became ubiquitous, people thronged to theatres to watch movies, sat in front of TV sets, read books, newspaper, magazines, and anything else worth reading. Content has always been a crucial part of the culture. It is only now when we keep calling content the most important part of the digital experience, partly because the stakeholders of digital platforms realize that the only thing keep hoards of people online is content.

Moving into the new decade, the creation and marketing of content to promote commodities and brands to audiences is getting obstructed by key challenges. These challenges, specific to content marketing, are often the main causes of most campaigns becoming inefficient.

In this article, we discuss the key challenges which face professionals in the field of content marketing. The aim is to help readers realize the problem at hand and work towards finding a solution.

The Challenge to Produce Engaging Content

The first challenge lies at the very heart of content marketing. In this day and age, people want to be engaged even when consuming content about some of the most serious topics. Think about how much news channels have evolved in the past two decades. From being geared towards informing and educating the audience, news media has become more attuned to keep audiences engaged all the time.

Content creators have had to evolve too. Technical content writing, one of the founding blocks of content writing in general, is now being revamped and repurposed to be more engaging.

Think about it. When was the last time you learned about the launch of a new Apple phone directly from a press release from the company or by visiting Apple’s very own website? Probably never. You always hear about these things on news media platforms and social media.

The defining challenge of content marketing is how will marketers keep creating content which engages and influences the audience enough to finally convert them into customers.

The Challenge of Measuring ROI

Studies have shown that over 62% of digital marketers do not know how to measure the ROI of their content marketing efforts.

This statistic should be alarming for many reasons. There is no way content marketing can evolve and become more efficient if there’s no way of quantifying the performance and benefits of content marketing campaigns.

2020 could be the year digital marketers finally have to find a way to measure content marketing as a practice.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers two major challenges professionals in content marketing will be seeking an answer to in 2020.

About the Author – Naman Malan is a digital marketer and professional blogger with four years of experience in the field. He currently works at DelhiCourses, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.

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Effective SEO: 13 Free Ways to Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the foundation of online marketing to make your business competitive. You will be surprised that many entrepreneurs are slow in the SEO optimization of their resources. One excuse for such a delay is usually voiced by the high cost of the process itself.

Yes, SEO can be very expensive when it comes to high competition on a global scale, but this does not mean that SEO optimization automatically becomes too expensive for small and medium-sized business owners. There are dozens of simple strategies that will help an entrepreneur optimize a website for search engines for free. Here are some of them…

1. Choose the right keywords

Think about which keywords are most relevant to your business variancetv. At the same time, pay attention not only to the most popular (there is a high competition), but also low-frequency (specific) requests. Take on free Google AdWords and Yandex Wordstat keyword matching services.

2. Remove duplicate content

The Google Search Console will display all duplicate content on your property. Duplicates occur as a result of various site errors, and they must be removed periodically.

3. Repair 404 errors

“The requested page was not found,” “the page was moved or deleted” – such errors are like dead ends, and no one likes dead ends. Eliminate these shortcomings, and where there are some gaps, configure a 301 redirect, which will transfer all the positive qualities and properties of the deleted page to a new URL address.

4. Write a unique title tag for each page

Search engines attach great importance to the title field, so do not be too lazy to manually compose a text of 60-70 characters describing it for each page. The tag must contain a unique keyword or phrase that will not be repeated in the headings of other pages.

5. Write meta descriptions for all pages

Each page of the site should also have meta descriptions of up to 160 characters. By and large, they will not particularly affect the increase in the search ranking of pages, but they will increase their clickability. Meta descriptions should be original, concise, and compelling.

6. Clear page URLs of garbage

Look at the URL of your pages (the address where the page is searched on the Internet) for their purity and comprehensibility. They should correspond to the page title and not contain “garbage” (numbers, additional underscores, random lines of text).

7. Update your blog regularly

There is never much content. Not so long ago, Google released an update to an algorithm that favors new content. Therefore, if there are not so many pages on your site, the regular blog posting will help solve the problem of constant updates and increasing the number of pages.

8. Use the headers h1, h2, h3

Your text content should be logically divided by headings of different levels into sections and subsections. This will help search engines evaluate your content in terms of its “readability,” that is, determine if it is written for people, or is it just a trick for the search engine. Remember, your texts should always be logical and harmonious and be oriented towards a real reader.

9. Do not neglect internal linking

Visible links between pages serve to delay the reader on the site for as long as possible. “They usually take with this product”, “hit of the week” or “other news on the topic” – you have probably seen all this more than once. The longer the visitor stays on your site, the higher the site’s ranking by search engines.

10. Optimize images

It’s not enough to add a beautiful picture to the site. You need to add it in the correct format (for web pages) and in the proper quality, register the name and write the original description.

11. Integrate social networks

Each information on your site (product card, news or article) must be accompanied by buttons for sharing on social networks. Reposts on social networks is an indirect ranking tool that allows you to get external links that lead the audience to your resource.

12. Increase website loading speed

There are several ways to make the site load faster. The simplest of them, even accessible to non-professionals: changing the hosting provider, replacing too “heavy content” (high-resolution pictures, video files, etc.) with lighter ones – optimized for the web, as well as removing unnecessary plug-ins.

13. Optimize your site for mobile devices

Regardless of the specifics of your business variancetv, the site should have a mobile version. For example, the same Google simply will not display the site in the search results if it does not have an optimized version for mobile devices.

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Why It Is Better Idea To Buy Instagram Video Views?

Why It Is Better Idea To Buy Instagram Video Views

Social media platforms have gained huge popularity nowadays. Numerous platforms are available but Instagram is a leading platform among others. It is powerful and leading social networking platform where people from all over the world use to publish their photos and videos. However, the number of users on Instagram is increasing day by day. More and more populace are getting engaged in this platform. 

Posting images and videos is so straightforward and simple. But it is very tricky for users to attain more admired and notice on this platform. There are numerous ways accessible which can be utilized to get famous. Time and effort are needed a lot but especially business owners do not have sufficient time to get popular & minimize the number of views. Therefore buying Instagram views is one of the most cost-effective options. 

Why buy Instagram views?

Instagram is well growing social media platform where many populaces are using it to promote their products. The picture and video sharing features of Instagram are one of the major tools where one can share among many users. The new Instagram users are finding hard to get a number of audiences for their videos. If you are one amongst them then you can buy Instagram views which will help you to become more prominent in the Instagram platform. If you buy Instagram video views you can reap more benefits which are mentioned below:

  • Can earn more money

Currently, marketers are using social media sites like Instagram to arrive out more customers. Instagram is a helpful tool to acquire more customers. Apart from promoting products, numerous advertisers hire people who have a number of video views to market their products or service to their followers. Purchasing Instagram views is a trouble-free way for marketers to spot out their customers. 

  • Gain more customers 

Receiving more Instagram views attracts a number of users to your outline you need.  Buying these views ensure that you will get more followers on Instagram. If you get more clients then your sales will improve then your brand will be more successful. Overall use this chance to reach more customers plus achieve your business goals.                

  • Stay ahead of your competitors

Basically, it has become very hard to compete with others. A new Instagram user faces a lot of problems and finds it complex to stand top position in the market. So to fix all these issues, it is a better idea to use an online platform. The Instagram platform is the best tool to beat your competitors in the market. You can buy Instagram likes online and can easily stay ahead of your competitors in this way. 

  • Get more sales and profit 

Instagram will definitely help you to increase merchandise sales in the market. In order to get more profit share your products online. A number of people will view your photos and videos and they will become more clients & sales. This is the main reason why people are using Instagram instead of others.

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Digital Marketing Courses in Udaipur With 100% Job Placement Assurance

Digital marketing is the only powerful stream which is booming on the greater heights in the market. Over the past decades, the voice of digital marketing has proven creative minds, business personalities, and skillset as a career. If you want to succeed in your profession, digital marketing could be one best source to settle doing expertise.

Now you don’t need to knock customer doors to sell the product. All you can do is create a game plan, set the unique strategies, and market the product on social networks at one shot. An effectively executed marketing and advertising campaign can serve the requirements of any business. Including increasing the demand for the product or service that they offer.

Digital business models have completely driven the transformation of various businesses who are online such as newspapers, music, and ticket booking. Moreover, finance, retail, and movies are at the base level of transformation, most business leaders agree that every industry can be impacted by huge demand. Digital transformation is majorly driven by a set of principles and frameworks. Once these principles and frameworks are understood, they can be applied to any business. Digital Tuition Help Trainees to understand those principles and framework through standard module specially designed with easy to understand.

Digital business models have fully driven the transformation of assorted businesses who are online like newspapers, music, and price ticket booking. Moreover, finance, retail, and flicks are at the base level of transformation. Many business leaders agree that each industry is often wedged with enormous demand. Digital transformation is majorly driven by a group of principles and frameworks. Once these principles and frameworks square measure understood, they will be applied to any business. E-Learning facilitates Trainees to know those principles and framework through customary module specially designed with a simple to know.

How to become a Digital Marketer?

We should have separate checklists to explain the client’s what we are going to do for his project. In the end, we should deliver our clients with company profits, likes, comments, followers, etc.

Being a Digital vendor or to become Digital vendor, we should be aware of the skills to deal with our purchasers and the way to start out each new project. We must always have separate checklists to elucidate the client’s what we tend to attend to do for his project. In the end, we must always deliver our purchasers with company profits, likes, comments, followers, etc.

How to boost client’s online presence?

If you have a client who doesn’t have a website then, then suggest them a potential name, for that, you can visit Digital Marketing Course in Udaipur and may get it at some discounted rates.

After verifying how to Increase clients online presence and increase their site audit? its online presence now checks to revise the website to check who they are, what they do, their call to action button, their social media buttons and above all is verified, whether the website is responsive or not.

If you’ve got a consumer who doesn’t have a website then what would be your take?  Then you should counsel them a possible name, for that, you’ll visit the Digital Marketing Institute in Udaipur and should grasp at some discounted rates.

If your consumer already contains a website then you will try to spread their presence across all social media platforms. When checking its online presence currently check to revise the web site to examine who they are, what they are doing, their decision to action button, their social media buttons and in particular is check, whether or not the website is responsive or not.

Do Keyword Research

Be careful about doing keyword analysis. Select the one which can facilitate the website to the net presence of the website on the program. A keyword analysis is very important to enhance the organic search of any website on search engines.

Choose the keywords that are completely specific and that audience build searches. For keyword analysis, You’ll select for Keyword planner to appear for what specific websites are exploitation and Google trends to appear for keywords location wise. Quora is otherwise to envision what’s in trend.

Become a Master in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the simplest tools utilized in digital marketing. It is used to check the real-time view of any website. Initially, it’s just like the world of numbers, and that’s what we’ve got to find out to become a Digital Marketer.

Become a Master in Content Optimization

The topic of any content relies on our client demand but a lot of signs on the targeted audience. Content for any website has got to be announced often and it ought to be associated with the target audience.

Here you’ll be able to realize Digital Marketing Course in Udaipur. Let’s take this as an example, during this course some topics are for learners and a few topics are for trainers and a few are for consultants. Therefore the best approach is to categorize your course supported a particular cluster of individuals.

Make sure content that we tend to is getting ready for a specific web site should embody target keywords, Title tag, H1 Tag, Internal and external links, Clear message and story with some conclusion.

Exploring Social Media Platforms

Some clients target website ranking and a few targets their social media presence. Once you have a client whose main focus is on social media presence then certify to follow these steps:

  • On that social media, they’re present?
  • How many followers do they need on every social media?
  • Their post engagement
  • What’s their rival do?

Expertise in Pay Per Click Advertisement

If your client focuses in on pay per click, they usually go for the target audience option. For this, you’ll tend to decide to go for the Google Ads platform as it alerts users with genuine data before making any promotion. In today’s IoT era, Digital Marketing is taking part in an infective agent role in the IT industry. If you’re bored from your 9 to 5 jobs. Currently, digital marketing is the booming industry to figure with. To find out Digital marketing you don’t want any variety of specific degree, anyone with a touch data of industry nomenclature will get entry into this. At Digital Trainee we tend to provide practical likewise as theoretical digital marketing courses in Udaipur.

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Facebook Groups Targeted by Spammers in New Wave of Misuse

With the increase in technology and more people getting aware of the steps to trespass the barriers of security, the number of hackers has been increased which has caused the lack of information on a great scale. All this calls for more preventive security measures but sometimes, we tend to keep things light in the context of security and other measures. This same thing happened with the largest social platform; Buy Facebook Likes when the groups on Facebook got targeted by the spammers. These hackers and spammers are so cunning that it is very hard for even the biggest platforms to stop them or to stay ahead with their intentions which cause the unintended breaching of security.

In the last week, something same happened and a wave of spam attack took over the Facebook groups which happened to sabotage the members from joining the Facebook groups they wanted to, uploading of the vulgar, destructive, and offensive content in the groups, and then the reporting of all those groups which has bad content uploaded to make sure that the authorities take down the social platform. And the most unfortunate thing is that those scammers and hackers got what they wanted as the authorities 0f Facebook have confirmed that many groups on Facebook got suspended and were shut down due to the cunning planning of those hackers.

As a Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Vice:

“We removed several Groups from Facebook after detecting content that violated our policies. We’ve since discovered that this content was posted to sabotage legitimate, non-violating Groups. We’re working to restore any Groups affected and to prevent this from happening again.”

Even if Facebook and their team of developers are working on improving the content curation and the efforts about the enforcement of set rules and policies, the hackers are very difficult to handle and all such attackers are still very easy to take place and plan .Buy facebook video views.

For instance, the social media expert, Mr. Matt Navarra said that updating the same thing in various groups has become very easy and people can share the same thing in several groups at once.  This portrays that hackers and spammers can easily upload and post offensive content in various groups at the same time and lead to the shutdown. However, in the result of this wave of hacking and spamming, many Facebook groups changed their privacy settings to “secret” to stay off the eyes of the hackers and spammers.

If you are Facebook users and you are in many groups, we are sure that you must have received notification for the group gone private to make sure that they aren’t vulnerable to such attacks.

If you are looking for any options to make yourself and your group safe from such bad acts, you can as us for such services as we will ensure the safety and security of your group by keeping a close eye on the people of the group and their potential intentions.

We hope that this helped you gain an insight into the recent spamming of the Facebook groups. Stay tuned for more news about social media!

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You don’t need big budgets to start your own SEO

You don't need big budgets to start your own SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial factor that must be at the core of every online business wanting to drive customers to their website. It is now estimated that there are currently over one billion websites and more than a trillion individual pages on the World Wide Web. The days of building a website and sitting back waiting for customers to connect have long since passed.

Without an understanding of the basics of SEO and some well-designed strategies, chances are high that your online business will be dead in the water before it’s ever had a fighting chance to compete.

SEO is not just for specialists

For many people, SEO has a kind of mysterious aura about it; it’s the nuts and bolts under the hood of the internet that those with an online presence are generally aware of but do not necessarily understand how it actually works.

There are SEO specialists who command lucrative sums of money to work their magic on behalf of businesses who believe that they don’t have the time, skills or capacity to learn the basic elements of the SEO craft. This attitude is understandable given that for many industries, the internet is often used as a platform on which to promote, rather than conduct ones business.

Who cares how Google works?

A mechanic that wants to reach more customers doesn’t necessarily care how the internet works or how Google happens to rank web pages. What they do care about is standing out above their competitors by being found on the first page of the search results and converting subsequent enquiries into financial transactions and profit. These valuable queries, calls and emails come from customers who otherwise may never have found the mechanic’s business if not for the fact that they appeared on the first page of a Google search.

SEO: The simple facts

The main key to understanding SEO is to explain it plainly, so let’s break it down a little. In the simplest of terms, what Search Engine Optimisation involves is intentionally making your website more appealing to both customers and search engines so that you get free organic traffic (potential customers) visiting your pages.

Your business needs to explain what it is all about it in words that can be matched up well with people that are searching for what you offer by entering certain keywords and phrases. The more relevant or useful the search engine deems your webpages to be, the higher they will rank and the more often they will appear as relevant results to people’s searches.

The times keep on changing

It hasn’t always been the case, but search engines prefer to rank websites in order of usefulness, relevance, history and authority. In the past there were ways to use a kind of digital sleight of hand to fool the search engines into ranking pages higher on the scale of relevance than was actually warranted.

Black hat trickery

People would stuff pages with related keywords, use low quality articles and change them ever so slightly to give their websites the appearance of having more unique content than they actually did. Others would spend time spamming forums with website links in signatures or buying and exchanging links with other sites in an attempt to make it seem as though traffic was coming from all over the web to visit; therefore the site must have some special appeal or influence.

Pain and frustration drive new practices

Google has become particularly savvy at sniffing out these tactics and have created more complicated methods to analyse whether a website legitimately meets the ranking criteria their search engine uses. This is partly because while Google has the most well-known and often used search engine, they also sell ads to businesses that cost money every time they are clicked.

Overcoming the lose/lose scenarios

When potential customers are falsely driven to inferior sites with poor content, they tend to become frustrated with Google for recommending it and reluctant to waste more time clicking on ads that may or may not be relevant. Google also loses money when traffic is diverted away from targeted ads to a supposedly relevant website that really offers no value at all. It makes no sense for Google to reward such sites by ranking them highly with what equates to free advertising, so instead they have tightened the ranking criteria and penalised or ‘de-ranked’ sites who continue to offer thin content or attempt to ‘game’ the system.

Specific SEO strategies that are simple and free

So, now that the history is covered, what is it that business owners can do to in terms of SEO that doesn’t cost a fortune or take a genius to figure out? Well, as it happens, there is actually quite a lot that can be done to earn a higher page rank. In fact, Google provides specific guidelines on exactly the kind of structure and information they like to see for a site to be considered useful and relevant.

Although there are literally hundreds of ranking factors, there are a few main points that can be easily implemented by business owners with even the most basic of skills.

(Original) Content is king

The most basic change any business can make is to ensure the content of their website is useful, relevant and helpful and that it provides excellent value to those who browse the site. Just as with offline businesses, those that go out of their way to provide an excellent customer experience will always rate higher than competitors who are going through the motions and offering very little service.

A website that has original, relevant and compelling content will continually draw appreciative customers who will likely share what they find with their own circle of friends, family and peers. Google analyses this content, compares it with other similar pages and ranks it accordingly. Information copied, cut and pasted from other sites does not rank well, if at all but unique and original content is genuinely rewarded.

Correct use of keywords

It is important to put yourself in the mind-set of the customer who is searching for the exact kind of service your business offers. What kind of terms might they search for, what exact words and phrases would they be likely to enter into Google? Include both general and specific terms within the content of your pages. There is no need to go overboard as content disproportionately stuffed with keywords won’t read naturally and will affect the user’s experience. It may also flag Google to treat your site with suspicion and a low ranking rather than respect.

The power of links

Having your site or pages linked to other well-regarded sites is definitely a quick way to climb higher up the ranks of the search engines. These links shouldn’t be gratuitous or excessive, but if an older more authoritative site backlinks to your website this can provide a fantastic boost. Links reflect the reputation and character of a site, similar to a friend vouching for the good standing of a person they know but you have not yet met.

You likely trust your friends judgement and the new contact will probably rate higher in your estimation than a complete stranger who is an unknown quantity. By having a link from a site Google already ranks well, some of the trust rubs off onto your site. This is why it is important to cultivate genuine links whenever possible and to avoid linking with sites that have thin content or use questionable SEO tactics.

Consider linking to the local Chamber of Commerce, a free local business directory, writing a guest blog post for an older site or perhaps offer a testimonial for a service you have used and ask if they mind linking it back to your own site.

Page descriptions and site layout

Be sure to give each webpage on your site a unique title and include a brief description of the content in the metatags. Search engines take snippets of content and attempt to match them up with user searches. If you include brief summaries of your content with keywords, this text will appear in the search results and customers will be more likely to click and visit your page.

Google also tends to prefer websites that are well structured with an ‘About Us’ page, ‘Privacy’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages. These pages are not difficult to generate and signal that your website is legitimate, transparent and designed to be helpful to your visitors and customers.

Learn, Act and Grow

Search Engine Optimisation is a topic that ranges from straight forward to incredibly secret and complex, yet it needn’t scare business owners away from understanding the basics and implementing incremental changes that will eventually bear productive fruit. There are numerous online resources that are both reputable and free and within a very short time knowledge and skills can be gained that can continue to yield great returns for very little input.

Author Bio. :- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.

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Unavoidable SEO Elements for Success

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a continuously changing game for the website owners who want to rank higher in SERP. There are many aspects depends on your ranking position inn major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Although it’s an unstable industry, there are some basic and unavoidable things you should care for and it’ll also help you to build a healthy working strategy to cope-up with your competitors.

Here in this article I’m going to write about those vital points that will bring your ranking in a steady time and you have to maintain these points at any stage of your working. So, let’s start.

Focus on Good Rank

Everyone wants to get the top ranking position in Google. Yes, it’s a great thing but you have to move step by step towards your aim. At your primary stage of working your focus should be to get some good rankings in your business keywords rather than top ranking. If you force your website by over-work to get in top then your website can be penalized as per search engine optimization rules.

Proper Optimization

You are competing with a huge number of competitors in this industry by creating a website. This is the main disadvantage of online marketing. Being an open market for everyone, you’ll have to beat thousands of website to make your position in top. That is why you need to optimize your website properly with updated knowledge and skills.

Creative Ideas

You have to implement some creative idea to move ahead in your ranking track. There are many results you can find in Google when you search something and most of them have the perfect answer to satisfy their visitors. So, there has to be something unique for them in your website. You can research on this topic and apply your thoughts to make your targeted visitors attracted in your website.

Website Engagement

Your website without visitors can’t make your business flourish in this industry. So, you need to make your website popular according to your targeted market. There are many ways you can try and all you need to invest time on your website to get popularity. You can create blog, social media profiles, guest blogging, search engine listings etc. to engage your website with its audiences.

Content Creation

Content is the key factor of website popularity and ranking. If you can update your content properly on a weekly basis then you can expect some positive response from your visitors. Remember that, you content should be high quality and informative for your audiences.

You can’t update your website content as per Google parameter. That is why you have to create a blog attached with your website. Regular post on related and attractive topics can feed your website with a lot of fresh content.

SEO techniques are going beyond vanity metrics and it is focusing on delivering the best results for its users. We always want to share our knowledge to the new comers and guide them with the latest marketing and working trends. In our company The Click Optimisers we offers various supports services like SEO, guest blog posting services, content marketing and social media optimization to our clients.

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How SEO Press Release Does Help As One of Your Backlinking Strategy

SEO Press Release

SEO is crucial once it is executed incorrectly. Many business owners tried a lot of things on how does SEO works for some time, and until now it is still being studied. There is no exact amount of strategies will identify the work of SEO for every business.

One SEO strategy that has been in a queue is the use of Press Releases. SEO press release gives valuable contents to Google by sharing newsworthy posts and company content updates. It provides direct and do- follow attribute to a website backlinks given by a press release website.

That being said, SEO press release will complement your SEO strategy which includes social media presence, content marketing, affiliate referral, direct traffic, and exposure.

Before You Get Start – Remember

So far, the great way to get started with your Press Release is to find out your company events, business transactions, promotions, and deals. If you can attach with your company’s doing it is easier for you to do news updates by sharing news articles or news stories.

Setting the right anchor text is crucial for your online rankings. Linkio will give you the exact anchor text and percentage to use when you’re doing link building campaigns and will help you build your online presence and beat the competition.

To find the best SEO press release sites, here are the best things you must follow:

  • Check the Press Release Site SEO Metric – here’s the checklist of your PA, DA, Citation, Trust Flow and Website Spam Score. By being monitored by this SEO Metric, you are listing your press release websites do follow links and good website record.
  • Set up Google Trends – To best find your press release sites, you can set up a google trends topic or keyword that specifies a press release websites. Then, Google Trends will provide you with a list of press release websites that offers both paid and free press release.
  • Use Google News Autocomplete Feature – If you haven’t heard about it, then this is the best thing you need to include in your next searching. You need to enable your Google news feature by following these steps below:
  • Use of Google Operator Search Names – Simply above all tactics mentioned all you have to do is to try different search operator names to your Google search bar. After then, Google will provide you the various press release websites make sure to check every press release websites by following SEO metric.

Example: Submit Press release + “news.”

Optimize Your SEO Press Release

Headlines and Sub-Headlines

Remember that Google is also acting like a human, what do human reads should be understandable and grammatically correct. Your writing headlines should be clear and concise for about 70 characters long. It must be click through and encourage your reader to engage, read and share your content. For SEO, your headline is the key factor to release search visibility in search engine results. Is it essential to include your keyword in the headline? Particularly, YES! The use of relevant keywords in your headline and sub-headlines makes your content to reinforce the relevance of the story/content. So to better give your reader a great experience and compelling story, you must devote an eye-catching headline.

Use Natural Links and Anchor Text

These are links coming from other websites link to your content, or what we called as third-party sites. Third-party sites are linking to your content that not been solicited but rather produced from other sites. This is a link from your anchor text content to enhance user’s experience by landing to other relevant content. This practice gives Google a higher chance to value your content because you provide valuable and high authority links which will help increase your inbound traffic.

As mentioned above, using anchor text to your content is fundamental key search terms that help to optimize your content. To optimize your keywords, do not include it to your anchor text instead choose an anchor text phrase that is relevant to your content.

Using Keywords Rich

To better optimize your press release is to choose your best keywords. Keywords set as a primary method of all SEO.  Before constructing your press release, it’s your primary attention to research which keywords offer more realistic results rather than keywords to avoid or unnecessary.  By choosing multiple and strong keywords (also known as LSI keywords), you are boosting the chance that people already searching for your topic will find your press release.

Do not overuse your keyword throughout your press release, and it seems to be the major mistake that most of the professionals do. By using one to two keyword link within your press release content already gives your press release distribution a good standing throughout search engine results.

There are helpful SEO tools that you can use in your keyword research, other than Google Adwords/Google Keyword Tool.

Distribution of Press Release

After the completion of your press release content, it is now ready for distribution to press release websites. You can hire a paid press release services to enable do that. But if you want to save money, you can do manual distributions/free press release distributions. Most business owners will do free press release distribution methods to other online newswire agencies because of its zero prices but neglect to inform us the value of press release links to those free submissions.  Most of free press release distributions give indirect value, or no follow attributes and stays your press release for a short period or vanish it at all.

Therefore, free press release distributions will be no use at all if we are only after of free distributions.  If you allocate budget for your press release, its potential is beneficial to think that most paid press release services offer many options to be included other than do follow attributes, distribution to other press release sites, and unlimited access to your press release.

Multimedia Procedure

Always include multimedia attachments together with your press release content. Multimedia will help you engage more reader and relevant information about your content. It may images, infographics, videos or PDF as long as it is useful to your press release.

Easy Access of Press Release to Your Website

Other than a blog page, the most neglected tactic is to include a press release on your website. Sometimes, most website owners will overlap their press release news on the blog page. Please don’t do that! Give a proper place to post your press release like creating a NEWSROOM, MEDIA NEWS, PRESS ROOM, or NEWS STORY. It will help your press release have a physical place to live on the web (for last long) and will help you meet your SEO strategic plans anytime.


To include press release distribution to your SEO backlinking strategy is an excellent choice. It’s not only for media coverage but to develop a good standing for your company’s reputation. Always keep in mind that doing a press release is not about a mass linking to fill in your press release. Instead, use an anchor text links to attract readers to get more details.

So what are you waiting for, are you ready to start your press release strategy to gain more traffic to your website? Then, make sure you follow all our guidelines above and keep on reading more relevant information about how it works.

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Digital Marketing

Best Strategies to Increase Your Website Organic Rankings


Every business wants to be at the first position on Google when consumers are looking for product or service that they sell. However, only a few of them are able to achieve that sweet spot. If your website is also struggling to reach at the first position on Google, you may need to consider some important factors that affect organic search rankings. Long gone are the days when people used to do keyword stuffing to be found at Google, today major search engines algorithms not only consider the rate of relevance of keywords on your webpage, but many other factors as well including quality content, bounce rate, the duration visitors stay on your site, pages viewed, broken links, inbound and outbound links and more. Site verification Using keywords in your Meta tags to get visitors to click through to your site is only half the story. If you want users to stay on your website, you may need to consider all the important factors discussed below.

Fix Page Speed Issues

When it comes to optimize website to increase organic rankings, you should not ignore page speed of your site. For the last few years, Google has been continuously reiterating the importance of having fast-loading website.  Always remember that if your competitors’ site is loading faster than your site, chances are more that you may fall behind in the Google SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

Listed below Are Some Best Ways to Increase Your Website’s Page Speed:

  • Leverage browser caching
  • Optimize (compress) images
  • Enable gzip compression
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
  • Minify resources (JavaScript, CSS, HTML)
  • Reduce server response time
  • Avoid landing page redirects
  • Prioritize visible content

Optimize Internal Linking Structure Of Your Website

Internal links are those hyperlinks, which redirect users from one page to another page on the same website. You might know that internal links play an important role in SEO, and that’s why every digital marketing agency in india suggests optimizing internal linking structuring to increase organic rankings. Internal links help not only establishing site architecture but also helpful in spreading link equity (link juice).

Move Your Site From HTTP To HTTPS

Since 6th August 2014, Google has been started considering HTTPS as a ranking signal. This clearly indicates that if you want to rank higher organically, you need to purchase and activate an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on your website. Doing this will improve your website organic rankings and traffic.

Ensure That Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Today more and more people are using smartphones or other mobile devices like tablets to find information on the web.  Thus it becomes important to have a mobile-friendly website. If your website is not mobile friendly, you should consider hiring a web developer having good experience in building mobile-responsive sites. Always remember that mobile-friendly sites rank higher in Google SERPs than sites that are not mobile-friendly. To check the mobile-friendliness of your website, you can use Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool.

Don’t Forget About Meta Tags

Meta tags are one of the important ranking factors and are also helpful in telling search engines what a web page is all about. When writing a Meta Title for your site, you should always place the primary keyword for whom you want to rank at the beginning of your title tag.

If you also know some best strategies to rank higher in Google SERPs, kindly share with us in the comment section below.

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Digital Marketing

How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy?

The entire web is composed of nothing but content, had it been not there, we wouldn’t have been so entertained while surfing the internet when it comes to content marketers or the digital marketers, creating out a plan or a strategy for the same is extremely essential. There are multiple things that need to be considered while creating a content marketing strategy. The most important thing about a content strategy is that it must result in better rankings and only then it is feasible. If you wish to know the ways in which you can create a content strategy that will lead to better and more feasible results then here are a few simple tricks that will help you out.

Set Your Goals

Different content creators have different goals and reasons for publishing their content on the web and the same is the foundation for the content marketing strategy. Before creating the strategy you should have answers to questions like why do you want to create content? Why do you want a plan? What are your plans with the content? and questions that are the like.

Create a customer persona

Before creating content you should have a picture of the target audience. Once you know your target audience, it will become instantly easier for you to create a customer persona. This will help you in creating a better and a sure fire content marketing strategy.

Do a content audit

A content audit will help you in judging the type and the frequency of the content which is required on your website or the blog. If you have been quite consistent with a blog, then you can try out an E-book which will be a new type of content presentation format. While you run the audit, you need to review everything that you have been upto and then make changes wherever necessary.

Look for a content management system

Going on creating content after the content isn’t the only thing that will help you out, you also need to manage your content so that none of your content piece go waste. Content management includes content creation, content analytics and content publication.

Brainstorm content Ideas

The next important step would be to look out for content ideas. Content ideas are very important for creating new and innovative content that will attract more and more traffic to your blog or website. It is therefore, very essential to brainstorm and come up with a new and fresh idea.

Determine your type of content

There are multiple types of content used by different people and you choose for the one that best suits you. Some commonly used types of content are Ebooks, blogs, templates, Videos, podcasts, graphics etc.

Content Marketing is a very essential part of digital marketing and creating a strategy for the same is very essential. If you are jumbled with the ways in which you can create content strategies then you can find some of the darn good methods of creating a content marketing strategy.

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