Why is iPhone one of the most preferred pre-owned smartphones in India?

On the heels of an OLX study that named the iPhone as the most preferred pre-owned smartphone brand in India, we decided to find out what contributes to this phenomenon. Appearances are everything in India. The older generation concern themselves with what others would think, while the younger generation is driven by the one-upmanship that is typical of lives that are lived out by way of stories on social media.

Moreover, Indians admittedly put great significance on the net worth of a given individual, or at least the net worth of their appearance and that includes not just their clothes and accessories, but also the gadgets that they have on their person.

This overall psyche has contributed to a must-have-iPhone ideology among youngsters who are willing to do second jobs at call centers, or helping out at event management companies, in order to supplement their pocket money. This is done in order to buy whichever edition of the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 12 that matches their lifestyle. This has resulted in the youngsters considering the option of pre-owned iPhones. An OLX study recently found that Apple leads the market with regards to pre-owned smartphones.  Let’s look at some reasons why.

Reason # 1: It is aspirational

As discussed above, when looking to make an impression, college-goers and young working professionals veer towards the iPhone. They feel like it renders them an overall wealthy, well-exposed, sophisticated first impression. People want the iPhone for the same reason that they want Louis Vuitton bags: to make a big impression.

Reason #2: iPhones are typically expensive

With prices ranging from approximately Rs. 30,000 to approximately Rs. 1,30,000, an iPhone commands a hefty price tag. Nobody wants to toss that kind of money on the counter if other options are available. Even buyers who buy the new iPhone without so much as batting an eyelid at its price, would not mind selling their older model for some amount of payback — capital that they will gladly put into a newer model.

For instance, a buyer might be happy to spend nearly Rs. 130,000 on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but he might consider putting the iPhone 11 that he is using right now up for sale on an app for pre-owned goods. Some users also simply put up a post on social media.

As a result, there is not only tremendous demand for pre-owned iPhones, but also a good amount of supply. The OLX study found that iPhones contribute to nearly a quarter of both demand and supply when it comes to pre-owned smartphones — 25% and 21% respectively, to be precise. This is not even considering the iPhones sold via social media feed or word-of-mouth, not to mention the iPhones “passed on” from older siblings to younger siblings, or kids to their parents.

Reason #3: COVID-19

The cause for lots of things; people learning to bake, some gaining weight, others losing weight, some people losing jobs, others finding all new career trajectories. COVID-19 can also be credited to the increasing popularity of pre-owned iPhones. The uncertainty surrounding income and future income has prompted people to be more cautious with their spends even as mirror selfies notched their way back up the popularity charts.

So buyers want various versions of the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 12 as much as they did in pre-COVID times, and might even be able to afford it, but because they are uncertain about the future, they might not want to cough up the full price that one needs to afford when buying a brand new iPhone.

You may not have to settle for a pre-owned iPhone if the thought of doing so embarrasses you. Not that it isn’t a smart option, but admittedly some of us buy in to the pre-owned stigma more than others. You could instead opt to use yourBajaj Finserv EMI Network Cardin order to pay for your iPhone in easy monthly instalments that suit your income.

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4 Signs You Spend Too Much Time On Your Phone


A few signs you need to get off your phone and enjoy real life.

1. You Are Usually “Phubbing” Your Partner, Friends, and Family Members

If you walk into a busy restaurant and observe 3 or more friends seated next to each other, you will notice that most of them spend most of their time hunched over their phones. Even though these friends are seated next to each other, they are apart. This has become common to the extent that it has been given a name: “phubbing”. It may have happened to you too.

In fact, you may have been the culprit of “phubbing” without realizing it. Checking your phone while a friend is telling a story may not look like a big deal but has profound consequences. When you check your phone while your friend is talking, it signals that the real-life presence is less important than the distractions on your smartphone. Your friend will feel like you don’t value his or her company and will feel neglected.

Phubbing negatively affects relationships with your family, friends, and other people. It can be tougher on romantic partners. According to a certain study, phubbing decreases marital satisfaction while increasing the risk of depression. If phubbing is not dealt with, it can create vicious cycles. Neglecting your friends may make your friends check their phones in response to soothe the social rejection.

2. You Compare Yourself to Others from Time to Time

If you are constantly jealous of the extravagant trips, love lives, or salary of your Instagram friends and if the things that used to make you happy don’t make you happy anymore, it may be a warning that you are spending too much time on your smartphone. This is the case especially if you constantly use social media.

Social media platforms encourage their users to post exciting and jealousy-inducing content as such content gets likes and retweets. You may think that all your virtual friends post their real lives on social media but what they may not be posting maybe their real lives and this may just be as mundane as the things you are complaining about. Comparing yourself to your virtual friends or celebrities can make you set high standards that you cannot meet. Comparing your life with what others post online will make you feel miserable.

3. Checking Your Smartphone Is the First and The Last Thing You See Each Day

Do you fall asleep after checking your smartphone only to wake up and start checking your phone again before getting out of bed? Instead of unwinding the old-fashioned way (books, warm baths, and so on), you take your phone to bed at the expense of sleep.

You wake up only to realize that your smartphone is in your hands. Soon, checking your phone first and last thing each day will become a deeply ingrained ritual. Since you are most tired at those times, you will have a limited ability to use willpower. It may not look like a big deal.

However, imagine the consequences of a 30-minute sleep deficit compounding throughout the week. Checking your phone first thing in the morning puts you into a reactive, rather than a proactive state. You are scrolling feeds or responding to emails instead of handling priority tasks.

4. You Cannot Remember the Last Time You Spent Alone and Unstimulated

Smartphones give us effortless escape routes and can make unpleasant sensations- regret, anxiety, boredom- disappear. There are many options to play games or online sports betting India which when managed is a good way to pass time. You are likely to make these escapes when you are alone and in social settings. For instance, at a cocktail where you do not know anyone, you are likely to check your phone. You are also likely to check your phone when you are stuck at a red light.

Our brains get the quick burst of dopamine; the hormone that makes you feel good at the moment. However, this comes at the expense of avoiding obstacles that need to be addressed or procrastination. Constant drips of dopamine will make you crave more stimulation to feel good. Like a caffeine addict on their 6th cup of coffee, what used to be enough will not even get us to baseline anymore. If this sounds like you and you find yourself checking your phone from time to time, consider the last time you spent alone with your thoughts unstimulated by screens or media. I am sure that most of us cannot remember the last time we felt bored.

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Why Marketers Should Give Importance To Instagram Reels?


Instagram Reels provides a new technique to upload smart video clips around 15 seconds within the Instagram network.

Along with this, Instagram offers five content situations—Stories, Live, Posts, IGTV, and then Reels—that might be different from others. Businesses can maximize audiences through their Instagram Reels. However every Instagram profile has contact with Reels, and it doesn’t mean advertisers should certainly invest their time and resources into Reels immediately.

If your viewers are in the perfect demographic to identify about Reels and remain as keen observers, you should practice Trollishly, to influence new audiences, mostly if clips have generally made well for brands on current situations inside Instagram.

Profits of Instagram Reels

Quick Adopters Like Favourable Publicity

Usually if Facebook launches a new feature to any of their networks, they give significance to the concept using the innovative feature, and this is actually known as Reels. Audiences are showing better reach and engagement in reels than former Instagram features, even when practicing the similar or related content in various posts.

Reels Are Easier to Upload

Clip-styled content mostly needs numerous resources like time, productivity, and money. However, similar to TikTok, Reels are intended to be shorter lips—starting 15 seconds—hence they don’t need more investment and can be uploaded within the app. Plus while they’re better to craft, they’re also fast to attract (supporters can find out about you and your product without spending a lot of period).

Reels Promotions are Stable

Instagram already runs a page to form short videos within Stories, however Reels provide the further advantage of being lasting content, though stories valid up to 24 hours (if you save it inside highlights to your account). Since the concept is in theory mode to create, it’s sensible to extend time to group-create tons of various reels therefore you have them nearby to socialise as part of your advertising plan.

Instagram Stories vs. Instagram Reels and IGTV

In a supreme domain, you’d be forming concepts for all of a network’s situations. However when it isn’t probable, you may need to select where to put effort into your consideration. If you’re observing at Reels vs. Stories, Clips (Reels) offers many profits that Stories currently doesn’t provide.

Profits of Instagram vs. IGTV and Stories

Reels Are Cooler to Socialize

If you’re labelled in a story, indeed you can’t share somebody else’s story concept to yourself. And above, you can’t socialize stories to your grid. So as the maker, your reach is restricted, and as the individual tagged, you aren’t capable of uniting the control of that concept on the other situations offered on the network.

Reels, as an option, provide great uploading functionality. By the author, users can upload their reels to their grid and story. Then supporters can simply share Reels to their ads, letting you to influence broader and new viewers much faster.

Reels Give Popularity Potential via Several Hashtag Style

Compared to a grid post, advertisers can do an extreme of 30 hashtags over a reel. Known for the great 2,000-character border, marketers need to write worthy, pleasing copy beside your hashtags. Clips, instead, only permit you to place 10 hashtags, adjusting your ability to inspire wider viewers.

The magnificence is that your clip may trend some, or not all, of certain hashtag feeds, hence again, the capability to be realised by more individuals is pleasing for many businesses. Since reels are lasting, the probabilities of your content getting exposed in that hashtag domain are far greater than in the hashtag of Stories feed.

You Can Yield Retargeting Customers From Reels

Since Reels is actually fairly new, it’s not yet being monetized by Facebook. This means there are currently no ads in the page—though that’s expected to transform as Reels befits more standard. However you can’t presently promote in the Reels feed, advertisers can prefer reels to boost their promotion on Instagram and Facebook.

Either IGTV or Stories, reels can be preferred to form video views and use viewers for retargeting that is a situation-changer if you’re following the Instagram and Facebook ads section of your advertising approach. If your viewers are reacting better to Reel’s clip, you can influence them to do the next step before contacting you.

This platform has stated that 500 million active Stories handlers as of January 2020 – therefore if your brand is using stories, then marketing is in the correct direction. Along with that, it’s the time to follow Instagram Live as your strategy. This offers you the chance to unite with your followers in present.

Supporters love it since it lets them role-play and catch personal things like discussion stumbles, comic face instants, sensational places/events/settings or random weather journeys. However live streaming makes followers comment rapidly, providing you a chance to respond back in real time.

Almost 80% of brands consider video as a gradually vital medium. During Instagram live sessions there are many options to explore! Marketers could launch their new purchases, offer a suggestion and even present some to colleagues/friends. The maximum fun you have in live, the cooler your supporters will feel and they share your profile with more connections. Here are some pro-tips:

Decide the reason for the video – Such as an announcement or product explaining session, Hosting an interview or Q&A or explaining your followers behind the scenes.

Prepare and organise – form a rough script and try-out what you need to convey. Do test videos and seek for parts to advance the audience’s involvement. Is the act well performed? Check whether the situation is disturbing?

Set advanced live Stories Session – Your supporters can fix the time apart and ensure to connect in. The Stories are an excellent medium to practice for pre-live advertising but practice to advertise in other digital platforms also.

Pin Brand title to Stories – This helps audiences to understand context about the purpose or theme. To organize this, initiate your IG Live uploading, then steer to the ‘pin comment’ tab and enter the ‘title’ of the video in the notes section below Live Feed. Enter the comment to upload it.

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Three Ways to Remove Background from Your Photo

When we take a photo, the background is not always ideal. As a result, we often feel the need to remove it. Some people also want to remove the background to make the photo clearer and more vivid. There are tools that offer this functionality but the user has to remove the background manually. These are not suitable for novice users who have no idea of photo editing functions. They are in need of something more automatic and intelligent.

In this article, we are going to discuss three ways to remove background from your photo. These methods are widely in use and you can choose one according to your needs and level of expertise.

So, let’s get started.

1. Photoshop

Using Adobe Photoshop to remove the background from an image is probably the most well-known method around the world. Not only is it a professional software tool that offers tons of other functionalities as well, but also comes with customer support and hundreds of tutorials to get you started. However, the problem with Photoshop is that it is not very easy to use. Beginners especially find it difficult to handle and as a result, they waste a lot of time editing their photos. There are other alternatives available out there, so let’s discuss those.

2. PhotoScissors

PhotoScissors is another easy to use tool to remove background from an image online. There is no need to download anything because you can achieve everything you want in your web browser. It comes with an algorithm that detects the foreground and separates it from the background. It is best suited for photo editing of products to be posted on e-commerce websites. Although it is free and quite efficient, it is not fully automatic in removing backgrounds from different images. If the foreground is somewhat difficult to make out, this tool won’t work.

3. BgEraser

BgEraser is a specialized software tool designed to remove backgrounds from images easily and effectively. It is not only completely free of cost but is also quite easy to use and fast. It is based on AI technology and machine learning that make it quite straightforward to tweak all types of photos. When you use this tool, you are surprised by its efficiency and effectiveness. There is no need to spend hours reading tutorials on how to remove photo background using Photoshop because now you can easily do it using BgEraser.

Conclusion There are tons of software tools available out there for photo editing and other functions. Background removal is one important activity that almost any editor would use in order to make their photos look more professional and lively. Expert users may use tools like Photoshop but beginners are better suited to easy to use and intuitive tools like BgEraser. We have found this tool very effective in removing backgrounds using powerful AI technology. The result is very professional and it is very difficult to tell that the picture has been edited. This is a fully automated tool and you don’t need to download any files to start using it.

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The best feature and its performance of Oppo Reno pro

Oppo Reno pro recognize itself as the world’s highest increasing android mobile phone brand and makes no undisclosed that the occurrence is to presentation the Oppo Reno pro C3 mobile phone it declares the mode of the happening is fast of the Future. Oppo Reno pro speaks it ruined into the best seven worldwide smartphones review products during this year and at present has more than a lot of consumers. Oppo Reno pro as individual one of the first businesses to utilize the new chipset through Qualcomm’s beginning occurrence and it launched the Snapdragon MediaTek Helio P95 Chipset supports the mobile phone in Malaysia. This newest Oppo Reno pro edition will up the stake again, particularly in the camera unit.

Advantages and its features

We’re imagining a view which is improved from the LCD on the regular. Some report also recommends the device. But we consider it’s more possible there will be one below the view, long-term the fashion we’ve seen for a few more years. The Oppo Reno pro allows double SIM and double support. Consumers can remain linked to equally 3G and 4G at a similar time. Moreover, one and two SIM cards can be curved on as the main 4G SIM card. The best charging mobile phone we’ve ever verified. I’ll be difficult out the quick charge method for our tech review. It is equipped with dual group GPS and dual surround loud speaker Dolby fragment and Hi-Res warranted.

Oppo Reno pro benefits

In conditions of videocassette copy, particularly wide point of vision video taking, UIS super video security; selfie picture attractive-cam and shadow the setting in visual rendering videos are accessible. Both video cameras allow selfies in 44Mp + 2Mp HDR and Nightscape type. The Nightscape method also gets and modernizes to edition 3.0; take in the most recent stand mode and ultra nightscape type that maintains to make clear pictures in low downlight surroundings. We couldn’t struggle out and allow the camera ability of the Oppo Reno pro C3 review at the beginning; but, we’re operating on it for the complete review. Oppo Reno pro C3 is the first impression Smartphone by the industry as soon as. It is as well the first Smartphone review in India to distribute with Snapdragon MediaTek Helio P95 Chipset board chips and is advantageous with a challenge as there is no live 4G net in India until now.

Advantages of Oppo Reno pro mobile

In addition, the Oppo Reno pro C3 is the first Look Android mobile in India to approach with the 65W super runs quick charge ability. This audio quite extraordinary but I will stay for my analysis to give the last decision. This is as well one of the main facilities that Oppo Reno pro C35G must be proud of. Govind Bisht will talk about Oppo Reno pro mobile phone and Realme 5i  All the specification nest device links and Smartphone appraisal will inform you every that you need to keep up with your social media.

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How to backup DVD Discs easily and quickly with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Remember the day people take their CDs and DVDs with Walkman to everywhere? Remember the day people line up all day and night to purchase their favorite movie DVDs or the CDs of their best-like singers? It is true that no matter DVDs or CDs are certainly out of date now. Most modern day, technology has get a highly and quickly developed with lots of changes and improvement for our daily life. And some computers don’t have the insert DVD or CD driver like in old days. Everything is in streaming media and digital. More often to see at present is streaming movies in the internet. 

Facing with this rapid trend of digital media, what can we do with those precious DVDs? Can’t through it away, right? Don’t want them burst in dust, right? Nowadays, choosing to backup all these old DVD collections by ripping and converting to MP4 or other digital formats to save them into computers or handsets with a smaller size and 1:1 quality as original one will be a good option.

For backup or making a copy of DVD Discs, you need a powerful and professional program to help you. Here I highly recommend WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro this real No.1 fastest DVD ripping software to have a try. Follow the article, let’s get a closer look at this software.

Main features

1. Price

How to select one desire program to satisfy all your needs with limited budgets is very head-pain point. Even though this Windows based software is also a paid one. Luckily, WonderFox Soft, Inc. kindly provides a “Free” version for those who would like to test water before investing. This free version allows you rip a 15 minus DVD video from DVD Disc for each file. If you would like to rip DVD from more DVD sources as DVD Folder or ISO file, plus satisfied with this DVD Ripper features, you may need to purchase a lifetime license for Pro version. The price is as low as $29.95. Once purchased, you can enjoy the features for whole life with free lifetime updates and VIP service which is worth to have a try.

2. Rip any DVD with 1:1 quality

Three kinds of DVD source you can choose to load as “DVD Disc”, “DVD Folder” and “ISO Image”. Rip all these kinds of DVD to backup. What if your goal is not just to backup, you want to move the DVD with protections or region codes?  The program can also realize your wish too and keep the quality at same time. More than region code, it can assist you in removing other DVD protecting technology like DVD CSS, Multi-angle, RCE, Sony ARccOS, Disney X-Project DRM, etc. You are able to copy nearly all the DVDs from any formats even with those old DVD Discs.

3. Support 300+ file formats

If you need to take a long trip, maybe you would like to enjoy a movie to relax. This software provides more than 300 file formats to convert all of your movie DVDs collections to put into tablets, laptops even smartphones with a smaller size to save limited place. It could rip video files to guide on nearly all devices like Huawei Mate 30, IPhone, IPad, UHD TV, Xbox and some projectors. What’s more impressive, it can constantly support the newest formats and devices.

How to put DVD collections on my smartphone

With the easy operation, you can easily and quickly back-up DVDs to any handy devices you like. Follow the guide, enjoy your DVD collections at any time.

Free download WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro from its official page to make sure it safe without virus.

Step 1: After installed. Open it. Click “DVD Disc” to load DVD files. You can also add other 2 DVD sources directly. It will automatically find the main title as known as the main part of movie among 99 titles to save your time.

Step 2: Open the output format list on the right side of the interface to choose any output format or device you like to convert. “MP4” as the most smartphone support format, I highly recommend you to try this one. Besides smartphone, you can also try to copy DVD to tablets to take around.

Step 3: Hit “Run” button to start this ripping and conversion process. After the whole process finished, you can enjoy your DVD collections on your smartphone.

Final Thoughts


1. Rip any DVD with 1:1 quality

2. 3 simple steps for the whole DVD ripping and conversion process

3. Quickly and automatically select the right main tile from 99 titles

4. Up to 50X faster speed — Support hardware encoding (Inter QSV, NVidia NVENC)

5. Very simple easy-to-understand interface


Not available for Mac, Linux system, just match with Windows system. To sum it up, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is an excellent DVD ripping and conversion software. And it can fit all needs for those people who are eager to take DVD collections to anywhere and enjoy it at any time. It is very easy to use with its user-friendly interface to anyone even a newbie to operation.

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Best way to put various videos in smartphone – WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Video Converter Software

Have you ever met one situation of downloaded a video in your smartphone but cannot open it smoothly that bother you for so many times? Have you ever captured some beautiful views as videos but cost so much space of your phone? If you have those issues like many of us in 2020, luckily, I highly recommend one video converter – WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to convert all your videos to smartphone or other handy devices with few clicks but still keep the same quality with smaller size.

What’s this converter?

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an all-in-one multimedia software developed by WonderFox Soft, Inc. which can convert almost all formats video to more than 500 different formats and devices in a few seconds, saving videos from 300+ popular online video sharing websites, and can edit video with come-with video editor.

What surprises it can give to us?

1. Concise and easy-to-understand interface

Open this converter, here is a very friendly interface for all range of users. As you can see, it applies with 5 main functions including “Converter”, “Downloader”, “Recorder”, “GIF Maker” and “Toolbox”. Each part is departing by functional and much more easy to get it start by pressing our mouse on the specific icon. What’s more, in the latest version, multiple languages are added that allows users from global can switch to one familiar language at their convenience.

2. Convert video/audio to more than 500 formats and devices

As a professional video converter, it is important to apply with all kinds of formats and devices for no matter experts or novice to choose. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is sufficient with almost all kinds of formats, as MOV, AVI, MKV, MPEG, MP4, VOB, IPhone, IPad, Sharp, etc. Here is one more thing you may surprise by its super-fast conversion speed. Thanks for unique hardware acceleration technology, the conversion speed will be 50X fast than original speed which will shorten waiting time.

3. Save video/audio from 300+ online video sharing websites

As a traveler, movie lover, video sharer, how can you do not want to save your favorite video on handset like smartphone or tablet. While downloading video or audio, subtitles will be saved at once without any errors. Besides, save playlists or channels with just few clicks from over 300 sites like Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, etc.

How to convert MXF to MP4 with WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro?

“What I can do with my MXF files that I download from somewhere by mistake?” “How can I put my MXF videos into smartphone?” MXF short for Material Exchange Format, is a container format for professional digital video and audio media defined by a set of SMPTE standards. However, it cannot be compatible with mainstream media players. If you have issues like us, converting MXF to MP4 will be the best choice to deal with it. Let’s follow this three-steps guide to solve it immediately.

Before we start, free download and install this MXF to MP4 converter.

Step 1: Into the interface, click “Converter” to get into conversion function and click “Add Files” to put your MXF videos. Or drag them directly into the box.

Step 2: Choose an output format by clicking the output format selections on the right side of the program. Choose “MP4” I suggest; it can fit into every mainstreaming websites or devices. Out of MP4, you can also try to convert to MOV to playback on your IOS devices.

Step 3: Select one desire output folder to save converted files. Press your mouse on “Run” button to start the process of converting MXF to MP4. Few minutes later, completed and enjoy.



1. Super conversion fast up to 50X supported by WonderFox unique hardware acceleration technology.

2. Extract subtitles with same quality.

3. Convert video/audio without quality loss stay the same and a smaller size.

4. Batch files up to 10 converted at once and still keep a fast speed.

5. Very user friendly interface make any range of ages users can easily handle.

6. Add third-party toolbox to make more changes to video/audio, including 


1. One thing is a pity that it only used on Windows system.

2. Conversion and downloading process cannot go on at one time.

All in all, among plenty of video converting software flooded into the market, you may confuse about how to select one suits you most. For the high speed of conversion, all formats supported and download files smoothly without any errors these wonderful reasons, I highly recommend WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to have a try. Pay attention to one point, of course, it is also a paid software. Before purchasing, you can try the Free version first and Pro version will provide you more surprise. As for me, it is the best easy solution to convert all my video and audio files. Leave your comments below to tell me what your opinion.

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Get Ac Market Latest Version on iOS, Android and PC Devices.

Are you looking for a way to download tweaked, hacked, and modified apps and games for free? If so, you’re in the right place. You can download all these modified apps and games for free through the Ac Market third-party alternative app marketplace. In addition, paid apps and premium apps are also available for free download through this cool app. Perhaps, you’ve used the Google Play Store as the official app store to download apps and games to your smartphone so far. But you can’t free download all the apps you expect from that official app store, right? However, you can free download every type of apps you wish through the Ac Market Options app.

Get The App : Here 

More About Ac Market

Ac Market App Store has tons of Modified games and apps. You can also download every application that is native to the Google Play platform from this platform. In particular, the ACM app has become popular among a large number of users worldwide for downloading hacked, tweaked and cracked games and apps. The latest version of each apk file is completely free of charge download through this. This app supports a wide range of Android versions and allows you to install it on iOS and PC devices as well. The special thing is that you don’t need to rooting your Android device to install the ACM app.

Features of Ac Market

This app is especially popular with many people because of its large app library. The platform is packed with tons of apps and games from various categories. Specifically, advanced apps and games with modern features allow you to download for free through this app.

ACM has a systematic categorization of apps and games so that users can easily find the app they want.

This platform also contains a large number of apps and games that aren’t included in the Google Play official app store.

Also, you do not need to create any account or register when downloading apps from this App Store.

The ACM app has its own app manager, which allows you to easily manage every application on your device.The app manager also automatically notifies you of every new update on apps and games.

Also, since this is a very light application, it does not consume much space on your device.

The ACM app supports a wide range of Android devices as well as versions.

The app also has a very attractive UI system. Therefore, even the newest user can easily navigate within the app.

It can also be called a multilingual support application as it supports many major languages around the world.

Steps to Install the AcMarket App on Android Devices

Follow the guidelines below to install this app on your Android smart device. Also, since this is a third-party application, be sure to allow it on your device before installing the app. To do so, go to Settings -> Security on your smart device and activate the “unknown sources” option.

Then as a first step to install the app, go to the link given below and download the ACM apk file onto your device.

After the download is complete, go to Download Folder on your smartphone and find the downloaded apk file and tap on it.

The app will display a message saying “Install” on your device. Tap on the Installation button to continue the installation process.

Once the installation is complete, you have access to the app by tapping on the ACM app icon on your mobile home screen.

Steps to Install the App on iOS Devices

To install the ACM app on your iOS device, open the safari browser and visit the link given here.

Go to the app’s download page and download the .mobile configuration file.

Clicking the Download button will take you to the Installation option. Click on Install to confirm the installation process.

After the installation process ends, be sure to trust the profile before opening the application. For that, go to device management on your iphone, ipad and find the profile of the ACM app and trust it.

Now you can access the ACM app and download your favorite apps and games for free.

Steps to Install the App on PC / MAC Devices

You need to have a virtual player to install this app on your computer. For that, You can use the most popular virtual app called Bluestacks.

First, go to the official website of Bluestacks and install it on your computer.

Once the emulator is installed, download the ACM apk file to your computer, access the web page listed here.

Then right click on the apk file that you downloaded and select Open With -> Bluestacks option.

The application will then start installing on your computer.

Wait until the installation is complete and access the application.

AcMarket File Info

·         Name: ACMarket

·         Latest Version: 4.5.6

·         Size: 24M

·         MOD Features: No

·         Platforms: Android 4.4.2

·         Category: Apps Store

·         Min Android Requirement: Android 4.0+, iOS

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How to find the best mobile app development company

The mobile technology has become an integral part of the everyday life of people all over the world. People nowadays do almost everything with the help of mobile apps. Internet Marketing in Jaipur is one of the purposes people use mobile apps. Due to this reason, the demand for mobile app developers has increased tremendously in the market.The demands of the app development company in Jaipur are also high for the same reason.The best mobile app development companies play an important roleas they are making the difficult things easy for the users by developing various kinds of apps everyday.With the help of those apps, the people have been able to do even the time-consuming works in a very short period of time.The apps made by the companies are letting people to get connected with more users with these applications.

Some qualities are there that can help anyone to find for best mobile app developments in Jaipur. Those qualities are:

Approach and ethics:

The top quality mobile app companies can discern and understand the requirements of the customers about the mobile applications. Theapproaches and skills of the developers allow the clients to get updatedabout the result of the project. So the success of any app hugely depends on the skills and knowledge of the developers.Few app development company in Jaipuruse scrum method for developing Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This MVP provides the basic versions of products ready to be finished or launched within a short period of time.This method has some features thathelp the clients to get involvedwith the advancement andallow them to give suggestions. This tactic helps the clients to get the product quickly in hand and the developers as well by implementing the newest techniques andupdates in the near future.

User-friendly Procedures:

The developers in the best app development company in Jaipuralways make the mobile applications with very user-friendly designs and functionalities so that the applications get more popularity among the customers and people as well. The customers need to check the portfolios of the apps built by the best companies. They also need to download a few of them to compare which company’s app is easier than others. Some companies provide a demo to make the others understoodthe functions of the apps they developed so that their creations can be more useful among the people.

Prominent and Unique natures:

The mobile app development company in Jaipur need to focus on making the apps that are very prominent and uniquein nature. More the apps are prominent; the more peoples will get attracted to it. The developers make the apps in a unique and creative way so that the users continue liking it and never uninstall the apps. Moderate Smartphone usersbasically keepthirty to fortyapps in their phones. The app developers should make the apps in a way so that the users spend most of their time with that particular apps.As an example, it can be said that Internet Marketing in Jaipuris very popular among the people. So the app developers need to bring more variations to internet marketing related apps.

Technical skills:

The app developers are the key person behind the successes and failures of any mobile app. They need to update themselves in accordance with the advancements of technologies. If they are unaware of the modern technologies they will not be able to meet the requirements of the customers that are changing day by day. Most of the app development company in Jaipur have skilled developers. So those companies can faultlesslyhandle all kinds of difficulties when it is required. The more the developers are skilled; the more applications would be flawless.

Result-oriented Goals:

The clients order the app development company in Jaipur for making applications with certain goals. The developers have toplay the role more than that of an ordinaryIT support. They should look out for development services like Internet Marketing in Jaipur, digital marketing in Jaipur, etc. In this way,the developers help their clients to meet the goals.


Most of the best app development company in Jaipurdevelops apps that are very flexible in nature. Theprocess of coding should be capable of bringing changes and updates. Along with this ability, the developers must have good command over cross-platform ability to attract more customers.

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Best Online OCR Tools for Extracting Text from Image

OCR tools

If you want the text to be extracted from an image, then you are in the right place. The OCR online converters are readily available on the internet but the main problem is that not all of them are reliable and not all of them are effective enough to convert jpg to word. We would like you to know that the OCR online tools are capable of extracting the text from an image or even a scanned document and these two types of documents are the most important ones that are needed to be converted. You can easily use these tools to get them into an editable form.

Know More About the OCR Online!

Now we would like you to know that the tools for OCR online are very important and this is because of the reason that they can save your time and a lot of your money! You should understand that the conversion of text from an image is very important and the most basic and common way of doing it is by simply doing it by hand/manually. You should know that if you convert or translate the text form an image by hand, then it will simply take you hours and will affect your workplace productivity.

Even if you hire a person to do so, you must know that it will be an unnecessary expense for you and your office! So, to save yourself from this extra cost and to save our time and work you can simply use these tools. Now we have gathered below the complete list of the top tools available for online conversions! These tools are the best in the market and are also free plus they support multiple file formats. But before talking about the list of the top tools, we would like you to know about the working of the OCR online!

Actually, these tools work on the simple formula of translating the image into text! They have advanced algorithms saved on their database. Now you will be surprised to know about the conversion method of these tools. These tools consider the text on the image as an image, and this is because of the reason that they have set and fixed values for every image saved on their database. Every image type has its own fixed textual and binary value. So, when you upload your document in the tool, they simply use the algorithms to convert jpg to word!

OCR Online by the SearchEngineReports.Net

If you are looking for the best and the simplest tool for the conversion of text from an image, then this is the best tool for you! The image to text converter by the search engine reports is said to be the best tool for this purpose because of multiple reasons. The first reason is that the tool is simply for free and you don’t have to pay anything to get the services of the tool, you don’t even have to register yourself with the website to avail the free services.

You just have to upload your image document in the tool, and the tool will simply convert the document into text within seconds. Now if you are worried about the size and the format of the image, then you shouldn’t be worried about it because the tool by search engine reports is simply capable of converting every kind of text from any kind of picture format. The tool supports more than 190 languages and you can convert the text in your favorite or desired one without worrying about this issue!

The most amazing part of the image converter tool is that it not only converts and translates the image but it also secures the image and the text, which is not the case in other cheap branded tools!

The Image to Text Converter by small SEO tools!

If you are looking forward to a more professional and expert way of converting or translating text from an image, then you need to use the converter by the small SEO tools. The tool is very easy to use the tool and is not only is it user-friendly but is also free to use, and you can easily navigate on the web! You should know that the tool is more popular because of the reason that it can simply convert text from images in bulk, you can simply upload more than one document/image in the tool and the OCR online by small SEO tools will immediately convert all of them! Another important reason why you should use this tool is that the tool allows you to post the link of the image online and it can be converted into the textual form from there! This is a unique feature of the tool!

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