Getting to play together with friends, in-person, is always a much welcomed and awaited moment for everyone. But it is a difficult thing when you are locked in your house because of the pandemic.

Togetherness gives human beings a level of happiness on another level. Luckily, there are a number of apps that allow you to play with friends together on video. This enables you to experience real-time emotions and happenings during the game together. The excitement and fun also get doubled, allowing you to feel as if your friend is just beside you, while playing with you.

Below mentioned are some of the applications where you can play with your friends on live video. Without waiting any further, let’s dive in.


Whenever you hear about board games, Carrom is bound to cross your mind! A very popular indoor sport, Carrom is India’s family favourite board game. With wholesome fun-packed at every turn, all you need to do is pocket carrom coins and earn remarkably. And the fun is surely bound to double when you get to play with friends together on video.

With 2 to 4 players, online Carrom is all about pocketing the maximum number of coins possible before the other players. Whatever the color or category of the coins — black or white coins or the red queen, you receive the score written on the coin that you pocket. And in case you are planning to take the queen out, remember to keep a cover behind it. All you need to do is just arrange a game, wait for your turn, strike thoughtfully and shine.

Play carrom online, and derive as much group fun as you would in the real game.

Find the correct angle and plan accordingly before you strike. Whether you give an awestruck hit or rebound your striker with a firm sweep, online Carrom is all about the exactness of your angle, finesse, and strategy.

Irrespective of the level you are in, Carrom is loaded with a punch for all the players. In the online platform, with video on, playing with real players in real-time is a great thrill as you showcase your great striking abilities. And the real money stakes in the game add to the excitement. You can easily find it in the category of money earning games apk. Without waiting any longer, try out this must-try board game today and win a handsome amount!


Surely, Poker has to be one of the games that you would love to play with friends together on video. Getting a realistic feeling while playing the game will always enhance your urge to win. This is currently one of the most popular online card games for money that is played by millions over the globe. Poker provides its players with a variety of choices and has something to offer to everyone that would suit them.

Played in short and quick rounds, Poker blends your gaming finesse with a strategy to give you an edgy experience. Online Poker is more thrilling as it involves real players in real-time with real money involved in it.

If you are a poker player, surely you would have some handy poker chips tricks to have a superior ground over the other players. Also, start creating or learning new poker tactics if you are yet to master this game. This will help you to steer your way around the realm of Poker and boost your confidence along with increasing your chances of winning the match.

Despite your gaming level, you can easily find a table that suits you the best and pave your grand way towards winning exciting real money in your leisure hours. Hurry up! Start earning at your earliest.

Dots & Dash

Remember those old school days when you used to play pen and paper games with your best friend? Connecting the dots with straight lines and putting your initials to the boxes is surely embedded in your memory.

What if you get to hear that you can play that game online? Would you again sit with your old friends to revive those enjoyable moments from the past? Now gear yourself up to play the same pen and paper game on your mobile screens.

Very easy on the surface but packed with loads of fun, the Dots and Boxes are back again. It is very easy to understand but demands precise planning, efficiency, and strategy to master. You can easily play with friends together on video and win exciting real money awards.

Never make the mistake of trying to claim all the boxes in the beginning. Take your time and find smart ways to double-cross your opponent. A double-cross will always give you an upper hand as you leave a small number of boxes for your opponent to claim. Then they will be left with no other choice but to give you the longer chain of boxes on the next turn. This is another skill that you have to master to have a greater win!

With very well-built graphics, get the best gaming experience by connecting the dots, claiming more boxes than the other players, and earning exciting rewards. Apart from these, there are also games like 8 ball pool and Fruit Kaat which you can enjoy with your friends on live video chat. The best part about all these games is that they provide you with the opportunity of earning money along with complete entertainment. And when you can do all this with your friends, the pleasure goes tenfold.

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