4 Amazing Ways to Spruce up your Dining Area

Decorating a home is both a fun and a draining task to do. Apart from the mental strain the financial burden of renovating a place also causes worry. Nonetheless, there are some cheat codes that can help you achieve a classic dining room without burning a hole in your pocket. There are some tips and tricks that can work wonders in giving a new breath of freshness to your dining area. So get ready to ditch the age-old boring décor and get ready to incorporate the freshness of the trendiest styles with these four great tips.

still life paintings

  • A stylish shade to your rescue:
    Lighting has great power and holds the ability to enhance the look and appeal of any place in a jiffy. In fact, lamp shades in landscape portraits and still life paintings are trending at the moment. Choose a stylish shade in a hue which complements your décor. If you can’t find one or don’t wish to invest in it, then DIY (do-it-yourself) is your buddy.
  • Show-off your collection:
    If you’ve worked hard on collecting dishes, spoons and other crockery material, then why not show it off by means of displaying it. Make a style statement by showcasing your collection in the dining area. To add an extra element of surprise, re-paint the wall in a colour which makes your collection pop out. Place wooden shelves and display your collection with pride.

still life paintings1

  • Bring in the beauty of Mother Nature:
    Adding natural elements to your dining area is a great and effective way to add that much needed boost of freshness to your space. Bring life to the space with houseplants. They aren’t just easy to maintain, but work as a perfect piece of décor for your dining area. Depending on the availability of space, you can add as many and as few as you please.
  • Nothing can beat still life paintings:
    Still life paintings are stunning and a great way to add an instant pop of colour to any boring space. Bring in vibrancy into a dull area with the power of paintings and spice things up. Artworks are a powerful tool which has the potential of elevating the appeal of an entire space. However, remember to choose only those paintings which complement the look of your existing décor.
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Without spending a fortune you can spruce up your dining area. Add colour with still life paintings and breathe in the freshness of plants to give a new life to your dull-looking dining space.

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