5 Most Famous Landscape Paintings

There is no denial to the fact that landscape paintings belong to that genre of art which has caught the fancy of people from all around the world. The immense popularity of this art doesn’t come as a surprise as seldom would you come across a person who isn’t fascinated by the beauty of Mother Nature. Landscape art is known to capture the magnificence of the nature and the enchanting view displayed in it brings relief to its viewers.

All landscape artworks are beautiful in their own ways. However, there are some pieces which have attracted more acknowledgement than others. Created in different eras by different artists, these paintings have captivated millions through their charm and they still remain to exude brilliance which attracts crowds like a swarm of bees to honey. This article brings together a collection of five famous landscape paintings which are more recognisable than other artworks belonging to the same genre.Water Lilies - A Series by Claude Monet

  • Water Lilies – A Series by Claude Monet:
    The famous French impressionist Claude Monet created a series of roughly 250 oil paintings and water lilies is the name of that series. Considered as one of the most famous landscape paintings series to be ever created, the artworks were a depiction of Monet’s flower garden at his home. These were undoubtedly one of the main focussed creations of Monet in the last three decades of his life.A Morning Snow - Hudson River, 1910 (oil on canvas)
  • A Morning Snow, Hudson River – George Wesley Bellows:
    An artistic depiction of the Hudson River and New Jersey from Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the effects created in the painting perfectly seize the effect of morning light which hits the snow and radiates light like a diamond. Very carefully, the artist has captured the essence of the city and has conveyed the morning scene with utmost precision. Right from the depiction of crisp atmosphere to the man shovelling snow, each element adds to the overall beauty of the painting.View of Delft – by Johannes Vermeer
  • View of Delft – by Johannes Vermeer:
    An oil painting created in the year 1660, the artwork is one of the most known works of Johannes Vermeer. A painting of his hometown, it is one of the three paintings of Delft by Vermeer. The artist very carefully chosen a selective set of shades to create this masterwork. On looking upon closely, one would notice that the technique being used by the artist is very extravagant and meticulous. This shows the smart sense of artistic intellect which was possessed by the artist.Cattleya Orchid and Three Hummingbirds - Martin Johnson Heade
  • Cattleya Orchid and Three Hummingbirds – Martin Johnson Heade:
    An oil painting created in the year 1871, this artwork is painted by Martin Johnson Heade and it seeks inspiration from the works of famous artist like Charles Darwin. The painting, by all means, captures the very essence of the scene and it showcases the level of interest which the artist had in hummingbirds. Each and every element of the painting is beautifully depicted and it makes the artwork come to life.Farmhouse in Provence – Vincent Van Gogh
  • Farmhouse in Provence – Vincent Van Gogh:
    Made in the year 1888 by one of the most celebrated artists, Farmhouse in Provence is a masterwork by the great artist Vincent Van Gogh. He created this painting when he was at the peak of his career and this is one of the biggest reason why this artwork always makes to the list of the most famous landscape paintings which are present on the planet. By using complementary colours, the artist hasn’t just given a dimension but this has helped him in bringing deep intensity to the artwork.
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Without a single doubt, landscape paintings are a magnificent creation of one’s artistic abilities and it is a means to exhibit one of the biggest marvels on the face of earth— Mother Nature.

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