Abstract art is a popular form of modern art which exists till now. With time, different techniques have evolved out which has led to a variety in abstract art. Here is a description how abstract art exists in 21st century.

Modern art emerged out in 1860s and extended till 1960s. It is referred to art which was devoid of conventional art styles and portrayed new philosophies and styles of that era. Artists explored new ways and ideas of employing in materials to create art. Artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Georges Seurat formed the heritage of painters who evolved out modern art. They felt an urge to showcase the modern society and the changes which evolved out in technology, science and philosophy. They had diverse ideas to demonstrate western culture and its norms which were different from traditional aspects.

This led to initiation of first modern art movement called abstraction. It is a form of art which has no relatable references to naturalism. It does not reflect any physical attribute of real world i.e. artists try to bring out an illusion of the world we see. Abstract art can be further distinguished into slight abstraction, partial abstraction and pure abstraction. Abstract artists employed use of shapes, lines, unusual colors and different texture to create abstract art.

History has witnessed some of the famous abstract art movements naming Romanticism, Impressionism and Expressionism. Some of which still exist in 21st century. Impressionism involves an appropriate depiction of light in the painting. These incorporate the use of very small brush strokes and have an open composition. Motion is often depicted in paintings in order to reflect human perceptions, whereas, Expressionism was a mode where artists tried to evoke emotions of the viewer. They gave emphasis on subjects more than the physical attributes of the painting. Famous abstract art paintings were created by artists like Pablo Picasso and Paul Gauguin. Pablo Picasso is known as father of Cubism. It was a form of painting which seemed like an object was broken into pieces and then rearranged to form an abstract figure.  Some of their paintings are still exhibited in numerous museums around the world.

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Abstract art cannot be understood by people and it is a bit difficult to relate to. But this artistic style had no other motif. Artists left it on the viewers to interpret what is behind the painting. It tries to express what cannot be explained in words. One can have their own perception of art irrespective of what artist had in mind before creating it. It is to analyze what emotions and thoughts emerge in your mind. Digital, computer, internet and numerous other software applications have modernized abstract art to great extent. Collage, intermediate media, figurative paintings, portrait paintings have been evolved out in genre of abstract art. Thus, abstract art has still a lot of potential and talented and young artists continue to design abstract art using their own techniques and styles.

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