Knowing Genres of Modern Paintings

Discrete forms of art exist in India. This includes plastic arts like pottery, sculptures and other three-dimensional styles; visual arts which include movies, music, paintings, poetry, literature etc; and textile art which include creation of decorative or practical materials using plant, animal and synthetic fibers.

Indian art has a distinct sense of design which can further be classified into traditional and modern art.

Traditional art includes paintings which evolved all through the history. They depict various traditions and cultures which existed in historical times or few traditions which still do.

Whereas, modern paintings are the ones which emerged later in 20th century. Artists felt the dire need to express their own emotions or portray the developed world of modern times. They perceived that the traditional paintings are devoid of any emotions or any relation to modern times. This led to movements which brought modern art out in the world.

Modern Painting

The subsisting Modern Style Paintings can also be categorized into following:

  • Abstract art: also known as “non-representational” art has no references to the real world. It is devoid of naturalism. Without any art knowledge, a person cannot easily relate to it or understand what artist tried to portray. It includes the use of shapes and colors to embrace beauty in the painting. It does not matter if the sketch is not appropriate until and unless the painting looks beautiful because of the usage of extravagant colors and shapes. It is also distinguished into Abstract expressionism, Cubism, lyrical abstraction and color field. Pablo Picasso is infamous for creating such paintings.
  • Surrealism: It portrays a large composition and does not have just one view point. All the subjects together bring a startling effect to the painting. Though, they can be unrealistic and have a dreamy quality. Artists express the thoughts which might come in our subconscious mind. They are partially illogical and do not make much sense. It is tough to understand what the artist is trying to communicate through the painting.
  • Photorealism: these paintings look as realistic as a photograph. A photo embraces exact view of the world in a way it naturally is. A person could take a snap of an object and then make a painting on canvas. The artist requires incorporating special techniques to capture reality into the painting.
  • Futurism: These paintings give emphasis on portraying future based subjects like speed and technology. It Interests in creation of man’s victory over nature.
  • Impressionism: It involves application of very fine and thin brushstrokes, so that depiction of light is appropriate. It is for impression of realistic world in the same way it is.
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