India has been regarded as a land of beautiful landscape. It is undeniably possesses mesmerizing and captivating natural beauty. The natural panorama of trees, flowers, forests, mountains, valleys, lakes, beaches or sunset has always been beautifully portrayed in the Indian art painting by the distinguished artists, since time immemorial.

Captivating beauty of nature has always been a spring of inspiration for Indian artists. Interestingly, would say that Indian contemporary art, modern art and traditional art have been widely known among the general populace for their exceptional and inimitable appeal and ethnic distinctiveness. There are numerous of art collectors who are passionate about Indian art painting because of their customary and artistic values.

Indian painters have time and again been attracted by the beauty of India. Therefore, since prehistoric times painters have fashioned magnum opus on landscapes. Indian contemporary landscape art can be defined as the paintings that reflect nature’s beauty in an articulate manner. The works of art are magnificent manifestation of skies, sun, moon, stars, rivers, greeneries and seas on the canvas. The compelling picturesque attractiveness of India from Kashmir valley to Kanyakumari enthralled the artists to create striking paintings.

However, if you look back at prehistoric time you will find that plethora of beautiful paintings have been created by the artists depicting the picturesque beauty of India. In modern contemporary landscape paintings, on the other hand, the artists include both the natural and urban structures in the artwork. For instance, monuments built during Mughal Empire have motivated many distinguished artists to sketch splendid paintings. The piece of artwork is pictorial beauties that can be simply seen in the homes nowadays.

With the passage of time, landscape painting has become increasingly admired mainly due to country’s stunning geography and amazing monuments. India is rich reserves of the extraterrestrial collection of landscape paintings as well as sketches, these paintings primarily made through acrylic or oil paints on canvas, charcoal on paper and water color. These paintings are typically prepared on medium, such as walls, paper and canvas.

Paintings created by talented artists with the use of their canvas stands, paints, boards and brushes have been significant replacement of the photographs years back when camera wasn’t invented . Art form showcased at any art gallery clearly reveals the accurate carbon copy of the attractive spots. Additionally, would say that these even reflect fantastic imaginative skills of the artists.

In this new era of technology, numerous of individuals use cameras to capture the attractive splendor of the nature. Nevertheless landscape paintings still hold a special place in the heart of art collectors and lovers. Believe me there is no dearth of art lovers in India and even outside who are ready to pay millions of dollars to buy paintings online from art gallery.

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