Perfect Cake Designing With Edible Ink

Food colouring is the main ingredient of edible ink and is found to be an interesting innovation being made in the cake manufacturing industry, recently. The photo image that you have done on the icing of a cake is made of edible ink. This ink is used for perfect cake designing that is manufactured and marketed under several famous brands like Epson, Canon or Hewlett-Packard. All these edible inks are approved by the Food and Drug Administration authorities and are safe to eat. You can get these edible inks through online or from the retail market.

Edible ink and its uses

You can often find edible ink being used on pastry products. However, its major use is found in cake designing, which goes perfect with edible ink image printed on it. Customizing and personalizing your cake is another aspect that you can appreciate nowadays. Most of the people search for bakeshops that can offer them personalized cakes having perfect designs made on it with edible inks. Images using edible inks are printed on edible paper that reveals perfect designs. Birthday cakes can have perfectly designed images, which are photo printed withedible ink. Even traditional wedding cakes can be offered to you with perfect designing of images with edible ink to your satisfaction. Usage of edible ink is not limited to just wedding or birthday cakes. However, it is found in candies, cupcakes and cookies as well. These items are decorated by using a variety of picture designs printed with edible ink.

frosting sheets

Designing of pre-printed perfect images

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Pastries, cakes, cookies are considered as confectionary products. You can create perfect designs of pre printed images with edible ink. This process is known as edible ink printing and is widely used in bakery industry, worldwide. Edible image designs can either be pre-printed or can be developed on an edible printer with perfect designs. These printers are specialty devices through which you can transfer perfectly designed image onto a thin paper. This item is known as an edible paper made out sugar and starch. You can further print the image on to the cake or any confectionary item using edible ink. Perfectly designed edible images have been approved by the Food and drugs administration with certification. Images of perfect design and high quality can be achieved through these pre-printed images. You can observe clarity in colour as well. There is resistance to colour bleeding even on applications containing high moisture.

Edible paper

This paper is popular for its usage in edible ink printing. Initially rice paper was used for this purpose, but modern versions of edible paper make use of frosting sheets. Without any bad effects on your digestive system, you can consume this edible paper. Normally, you do not find any flavour, but can observe little texture on it. This paper gets dissolved rapidly when it is brought in contact with moist frosting. The end result that you see is that the image depicting normally a photograph on the paper appears and this is printed on the icing with perfect designs. It is always recommended to use edible ink only for designing images on cake. Some of the edible inks produced are in the form of powder as well. This powdered form of ink is easily soluble in water and can be used as edible ink. Here, the quality of the ink is also maintained.

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With edible ink and paper, you can develop perfectly designed images that can be printed on your cake. Regardingprinting devices most popular and trusted brands of printers are available today in the market. You can get your cake perfectly designed and decorated with images using edible ink.

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