An artist picks the brush to reflect his/her emotions, opinions, and feelings on the canvas using vivacious colour compositions and exquisite strokes. The entire environment is filled with creativity and the mind & heart of the artist is drowned in the world of appealing subject matter and extravagant patterns.

Now imagine, if this artist suddenly experiences the situation where he/she have to sell the art themselves. An artist doesn’t know how to sell the artwork initially. Only by constant attendance of art conventions, fairs, and events, do the artist gets an idea of the entire process.

Today, the process has become much easier and complex at the same time. With technology starting to play part in the purchase and sale of the art, artists need to have the basic guidelines that can help them to sell their artwork online.

Here are some tips that would help the artists like you to sell your paintings online. Have a look:

Warm your feet

It won’t be easy if you just randomly start exhibiting your artwork on any online dais and expect to be popular in few days.

Art collectors and aficionados are quite hard to reach, nay, onerous. If you do not get to lay out a suitable plan, you might end up doing nothing.

Hence, as an artist, make sure to visit as many online art galleries as possible. Make sure to take a good look at how the entire process of buying and selling is done on each of the platforms.

Find about the reputation of the art gallery or the online platform you want to start with. Collect reviews, feedback and opinions about the dais from different channels such as social media.

Take an omnichannel approach

The best aspect of selling your art online is that you have more than one channels to reach out to the correct people. There is online galleries, online shops, social networking sites, and other allied mediums through which you put art for sale online.

Connect with one of the reputed online galleries and put your paintings for sale. These galleries do take a part of your sale as their commission. Different galleries have different charging rate.

You can also open an online shop on platforms such as Etsy, where the charge is quite justified.

In addition, there is always social media for your rescue. Make an art page, join different communities, and engage in the discussions with the audience in order to draw maximum prospects towards your artwork.

Start an art blog

Quite a known and effective strategy! You start talking about your paintings on a blog. Writing stuff about your artwork would offer you the chance to creatively and organically get connected with the art aficionados and collectors.

My recommendation is that whatever means you choose to put your art for sale online, you do start an art blog.

Art blog is quite effective and art aficionados love to hear from the artist itself.

Follow these basic steps and kickstart your journey of selling art.


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