Rajasthan is reckoned as a state of amazing talented craftsmen who have brought forward some truly beautiful and captivating art pieces. There are numerous things to count like blue pottery, ivory carvings, miniature paintings and so on. Tarkashi is another highly appreciated artifact of the state, which is best suited for gift purpose as well as for personal use. It is a common sight in the antique and gift shops of Jaipur available in the form of boxes, tables and trays with brass or copper engrave work. This specific type of art work is defined as tarkashi.

It utilizes gleaming metal wires or tar set in the wood to craft some intricate geometric patterns or floral designs inspired from Mughals. A plain, dark colored sheesham wood is used due to its high oil content that allows inlaid metal to be gripped securely. For this, the metal comes in various dimensions and is used for varied purposes. For instance, the thickest metal wire is being used for strong outlines or figures and the finest are utilized for minute details such as hair. With just a lick of polish and varnish, the object is all set for sale in the market.

Jaipur is one of the regions, where tarkashi crafts can extensively be found. Craftsmen ensure to craft the object or box in a very precise manner to make it excellent. Such crafts and artifacts are the best to be cherished for long with your loved ones.

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