3 Ways a Fashion Website Must Use Instagram

With millions of active users on Instagram, the photo-sharing platform is the buzz of the day. The social media site that allows people to share high-definition images and videos has grabbed the attention of fashion website owners and apparel companies to target a wider audience base, thus helping them to connect with potential customers. If you have a fashion website and sell garments, you can use Instagram professionally to grow your business.

Fashion websites are leveraging videos to pique customer interest. According to an article published on, top brands are embracing Instagram video content to take their business to the next level. Read on to learn more about the three hacks a fashion website must use for Instagram.

1. Maintain the image of your fashion website design

All brands need to maintain their image. The same rule holds true if you have a fashion website to promote through Instagram. Integrate bright and energetic Instagram photos of your fashion garments and accessories into your website. This way, you will maintain your image. The message is clear. Stay up-to-the-minute and in style. Use Instagramphotos targeting men and women in their 20s and 30s who would use your fashion apparels.

Ensure that your web design elements are consistent. The message and tone need constancy as well. It will help your website and brand stand out from the rest. You can use black and purple tone to design your fashion website. Take inspiration from top fashion websites and use them to your benefit. It will help you attract the attention of real Instagram followers who are fashion enthusiasts and possibly buy your garments.

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2. Let your creative juices flow

Did you know that 98 percent of the luxury fashion websites and brands have their presence on Instagram? You need to get creative to make the most out of your website and Instagram. Top fashion brands use high-definition Instagram photos of popular celebrities like Johnny Depp and Rihanna.

You may use the photos of a popular TV show star to start with. If you integrate Instagram creatively into your fashion website, it will help in bridging the gap between your brand and customers. These little things will take your fashion website to the next level. There is no doubt about the same.

3. Post visual content often

You have a website gallery full of models displaying your fashion apparels, fashion watches, jewelry, and accessories. Post these high-quality images on your Instagram profile frequently. Use the platform’s tools and filters to enhance the quality of the images further. The big brands do it and you can too. The reputed fashion brand Valentino posted more visually alluring content every week than other fashion brands. Consequently, the brand received maximum user engagement.

Data reveals that out of 6.3 million followers, Valentino witnessed about 60,000 engagements between October 2014 and 2015. These figures should motivate you to post high-definition photos of your fashion apparels more often to grow your fan following.


Use these tips to take your fashion website to another level. Grow your followers and earn more likes. It will help in popularizing your fashion website.

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