5 distinctive traits of true entrepreneurs

Studies indicate that social skills of an entrepreneur play a vital role in his success over time but there’re certain traits correlating directly. To know the comfort level of fellow employees, employers, active social engagement, creating a favourable reputation, taking challenges to learn and excel is what’s expected from an entrepreneur.

In general, successful entrepreneurs are more extroverts and this is crucial when they wish to understand customers, market and about people they’ll eventually be dealing with. As we speak, social skills form just a fraction of the integer! Perceptive ideas, imaginative thinking, enthusiasm, self-confidence and excellent communication are other major factors.

True entrepreneurs can distinguish themselves from the following traits;

  1. Lateral thinking

Critical thinkers are usually entrepreneurs having an impetus to process the information you provide and shape it into something extraordinary. While you’d avoid jumping into a venture without proper analysis, an entrepreneur would just do so in order to learn and mentor others. Most start-ups fail shortly after their instigation due to less tolerance for risk and lack of feasibility studies.

Thorough analysis followed by a sound business plan can greatly avert risk because entrepreneurs step into the ground after a complete analysis of the market, the product, the management, finances, prospective cash flow and people.

  1. Confident & optimism

Actions that lack confidence bear little or no fruit at all, therefore, to believe in yourself and what you do is significant. To face the hurdles with confidence and optimism, even if the path seems lofty or unmanageable, is a pathway to accomplishment. It’s, therefore, said that risk management is both an art and science as it involved planning for the unknown. What can go wrong, plausible steps to minimise the risk, challenges to take as a step to benefit against pitfalls are all considered. The only way to do this is by battling pessimism and boost up self-confidence to achieve the impossible!

  1. Keen & clear perception
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It’s not until one’s in the thick of it realises that what seems to be the only solution isn’t enough to emerge victoriously! Creativity is, therefore, a must and it’s all about doing something extraordinary from the ordinary. Keen and clear imagination would definitely provide solutions beneficial for all and also showcase your ingenuity.

  1. Effective & successful communication

It’s said that he who has the art and ability to communicate effectively can conquer any ground! Since words are sharper than swords and can penetrate deeper into the brain, understanding demographic and psychographic factors is, therefore, important to communicate accordingly. Entrepreneurs; sooner or later, have to sell something to someone whether it’s a product, name, service or ideas, understanding the market in which they operate as well the people is vital.

  1. Passionate

To be passionate and remain as it is at all time can be utterly difficult even for an entrepreneur but, the spark of enthusiasm mustn’t extinguish. It takes a great deal of patience, time and effort to a successful start of a venture so one shouldn’t be discouraged and face all the tests confidently.


Entrepreneurs need to be adept at reading others accurately and making their first impression, a lasting one but in a good way. Harnessing the above skills would guarantee long-term success and imminent career boost!

These above tips are essential for Entrepreneurs who are interested to start a business.

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