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Having to move is undoubtedly one of the most stressful events for everyone, whether it’s moving apartment or houses. Just the thought of moving out is stressful, having to pack everything and ensuring all of your important items aren’t forgotten, rummaging through the chaos that is your apartment or house during this period can be all too much. But not to worry, this article we give you tips that will not only assist you on your move in Melbourne, but will also make it easier!

  1. Don’t rush

Moving is already stressful enough, try not to make it even harder for yourself. The first step to stress-free moving is planning in advance. We recommend you start preparing for the move at least two weeks prior, spending a few hours each day organising and arranging your things.

Alternatively, you can arrange for removalists Melbourne to come over and help you with the process. With time on your hands, you can even land a cheap removalist Melbourne service.

  1. Decide which furniture to keep and which to get rid of

Moving houses or apartments in Melbourne often means the start of a new chapter. This means there will be some changes not only in your life but in your new house as well. One of these changes is getting rid of some of your belongings. Carefully consider which furniture you will need in your new place and promptly get rid of everything else that no longer serves you.

You can consider selling or giving away to charity, family, friends etc. any furniture that’s in good condition. Another option is contacting furniture removalists Melbourne to take away the unwanted furniture for you.

  1. Get packing boxes
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Moving means packing a lot of belongings. This requires special, sturdy packaging that will be able to hold a lot of your stuff. You can either find packing boxes at your local moving company or for some movers, by ordering them online. Note that with online ordering, deliveries can take longer to arrive, so be sure to place your order in advance.

  1. Hire professionals

Do not shy away from hiring professional movers. You can choose to pack your valuables and fragile possessions and load them in your own vehicle then let the movers take care of absolutely everything else. The benefit of local movers Melbourne is that they save on time, stress and effort. The whole process becomes a lot simpler and smoother.

  1. Arrange for the most appropriate time to move

Depending on where you are moving within Melbourne decide on the most appropriate time of day and say of the week, preferably one that will not have you sitting in traffic. Choose a time that will allow you to move without hassle and allow you to get all your belongings moved.

In the event that you have to move all your belongings at the same time but can’t fit them in the new house/apartment, you can contact a Melbourne storage company who can assist you to keep them in storage until you figure your next steps our.

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