5 Tips for Developing Better Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is a wonderful tool to promote business and to expand brand reachability. You can not just rely on your social media followers because only a few of them share your content. Blogger outreach strategy can be cost-effective and worthwhile for your brand if you apply it in the right way. As a whole, blogger outreach is the process of using established bloggers to blog about your product, if not endorse it. In their blogs, they will surely write about the positives as well as the downside also. In a way, that will be a good situation, because nobody will believe an over the top positive praise for any service or product.

To reach out to the bloggers or blogger outreach, you can follow the following tips for your help.

1. Get a review of your product by bloggers

You can engage with any blogger with a loyal and big readership, to review your product. In this manner, your product information will go to the wide readership of the blogger. It has been seen that the loyal or interested readers of the blog post generally believe in the blogger’s views. It may be noted that the blogger may review the positives and negatives also, to present the complete the full review. In this case, bloggers shall be sensitized about the product fully and further, there are regulations about disclosing any free product or exchange of products or payments. 

In cases where you write an article for the blog via guest blogging service, you can provide a backlink to your website. In this way, you can attract the regular and loyal readership of the bog, towards your website and product. However, you need to be through with the guest blog post guidelines and rules for the blogging site.

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2. Find Authentic influencer by showing your reputation

Do not directly ask the influencer to endorse your product. First, try to build up an organic relationship by sending them a free product of your brand and ask them to try it out without any terms and conditions. This way you can introduce them with yourself and your brand.

Make sure if a blogger likes your product before starting a relationship. This step will reflect your sincere effort. 

Always remember that if you send something for free to an influencer it can or can not get a social mention. But if it gets a social mention, most probably the product will get a positive response from blogger’s readers, fans and friends, etc.

3. Want to expand brand visibility -Host blogger

Sponsoring content is okay but something different can also be tried out. You can offer a giveaway and on-site event for bloggers where a blogger can know more about your brand.

If you confront with the blogger in real life it gives strength to your relationship with the blogger and he/she will post about your brand with a depth of experiences and authenticity.

Some big brands consistently invite bloggers on several events and offer them exclusive access to new features.

Few brands put a twist; they invite bloggers who share negative feedback about their product. This way they can let the bloggers know about the value and innovations of their services and products.

4. Find the relevant influencer of your niche

You must target the influencer who has more than thousands of audiences. Take help from online tools to identify the influencers. These set up also allows the free trails and/or you can try paid set up for one month. After finding the influencer add them on a private list.

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You can also use alert tools for your brand’s top keywords. For there you will get a large volume of articles via email. So that you can easily identify the blog’s writer that is providing content similar to your niche.

Another way of identifying the authorized influencer is to check out their Google ranking. Generally high authoritative influencer rank well in Google.

5. Advocate for a long term relationship

Once you have been successful to establish a relationship with the influencer, put your effort to make it for last long.

a. Must follow their post and keep sharing.

b. leave a comment on their blog.

c. Sent festivals greeting and arrange a person to meet if possible.


Blogger outreach strategy is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Many bloggers allow guest blogging service, you will be welcomed by the authoritative bloggers if you bring an authentic content of quality service. Be a little thoughtful about the creative campaigns that let the bloggers understand and experience your product, location, and services for themselves. Relevant content created by the quality influencer will spread the awareness to your brand. The more authorized influencer you reached out the more people directed to your website.

Bharat Vashistha

The author Bharat Vashistha

I am professional blogger and content writer from past 5 years working for many business organizations i.e. education, healthcare and many more

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