Benefits Of Myers Briggs Personality Test In Recruitment

Personality Test In Recruitment

One of the significant personality assessments that help in making the right hiring decision is the Myers Briggs test. Find the possible benefits offered by that test which every employer must know.

Exhaustive 21 benefits of MBIT in Personality Assessment 

Before you decide on the tool to use for your recruitment, read the benefits offered by the MBIT and if you think it will suit your need, and then choose that as your personality test. 

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  1. It avoids and resolves any conflicts and hence allowing candidates to give the right answer. As an employer, you can understand the candidate’s quality in a better manner.
  2. It plays to the strength of an individual and allows candidates to understand their role in the organization.
  3. Helps to recognize the differences in the team by evaluating the differences among the team members.
  4. An employer can find the style of the team members and fit the best method to suit the customers.
  5. Enables self-analysis and reduces stress.
  6. Helps the employer to relax as it will do the job of analysing the employee fitment.
  7. Aids in career progression and development.
  8. Assistsin every aspect of communication strategy and decision making.
  9. Provides the managers and the management with the understanding and aids to offer useful feedback.
  10. Keeps the employer posted about the candidate’s interest and the personal development plan.
  11. Gives the nature employee and their team working ability, interest, attitude, etc.
  12. Relates to each with an excellent understanding.
  13. Encouragesthe real psychological diversity.
  14. Supports individual through the process involved in life transition.
  15. Informsindividual and collective decision-making ability.
  16. Developsthe thinking ability.
  17. Developsthe EQ – emotional intelligence.
  18. Develop strength and weakness upon identifying the same.
  19. Developsexperts, managers, and leaders.
  20. Encourages team and its members to recognize and valuethe diverse strengths.
  21. Improves and modifies culture.
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The tool focuses explicitly on questions focusing on the above area. Therefore candidates who undergo that test will give a particular answer. Those answers will be evaluated based on few criteria, and the results will let the employer know the candidates. With the help of that, they can make the hiring decision.

The Myers Briggs test focuses on the following tests

  • Perception Vs. Judgment
  • Intuition Of Detection,
  • Introversion Vs. Extraversion,
  • Feeling Versus Thought

The results of the analysis classify the candidates into one of the sixteen personality types and show their weaknesses and strengths.

Final Thoughts 

It is good to know the benefits of MBIT, but you must remember as a company not to rely blindly on one tool. The interview must be conducted in parallel to the test. Both the feedback must be compared by a senior official to conclude the selection decision.  It is essential that the decision making senior person meets the candidate in person after looking at the interview and test results. This is the right way to use the personality assessment result in hiring.


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