Climb The Stair Of Success With Most Useful SEO Trends Of 2017

Are you a startup? You owe an online business? Wondering how to enhance your web ratings and rankings? How to reach out to the crowd? Search Engine Optimisation is answer for all your questions.

Just knowing about the word SEO does not make any sense. You must know its usage and role in digital marketing. Frequent changes in search engine are ranking criteria leads to development and improvement in SEO Tips, Tricks and Trends. Some of the latest techniques SEO techniques are discussed briefly in the write-up.

5 Top-Notch SEO Trends Of 2017 To Help You Achieve Higher Ranking:

Periodic Changes in google algorithm makes the SEO experts to be on their toes. The only fundamental that works for SEO industry now is “you have to Learn, To Earn”.

So let’s get accustomed to recent 2017 trends on which the search ranking of keywords highly depend on.

  1. Featured Snippets:

Featured snippets in google features or commonly known as ‘Rich Answers’, is best way to move ahead in search engine rankings along with focussing on keywords. To Get into Google’s rich answer box you just have to follow few simple instructions while writing:

  • You should keep yourself clear with the query.
  • You should make it a practice to start your sentences with command words.
  • Precise and relevant use of heads and subheads.
  • Make use of tags and keep your answers short and to the point.
  1. Maximise User Engagement:

To get the best result out of your all SEO efforts, try to improve the user engagement on your site. User engagement has an indirect connection to your site ratings. The dependency factors include:

  • Average time the user’s spend on your site.
  • Pogo sticking.
  • Bounce rate.
  • User’s response. etc…

Try to minimise the bounce rate of your site and give the users some engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining material so that they keep returning.


If you want to keep a check on your users engagement on your site you can use make use of online tools available for the purpose.

  1. Keep Yourself Updated With Google’s Latest Search Guidelines:

Google has recently launched a 160 page quality guidelines for search. And it is mentioned in clearly that these search guidelines can never be permanent and may keep changing as per the user’s search. You should produce high quality content following the latest guidelines to appear in the top list of google ranking.

  1. Videos And Images Still Rule :

The research conveys that 62% of the google searches are related to the videos. So your site rankings highly depends on the usage of videos and images.

The organic page ranks are 50% higher in the sites with videos as compared to static sites. The reason being simpler videos and images keeps the users entertained and engaged.

  1. Voice Search Gains Popularity in 2017:

Voice search function has become must now. Because it is difficult to type for the searches while driving, cooking or doing any other such task. Youngsters have a maximum percentage of usage over internet and this generation is fast and prefers multitasking. So voice search has become an important feature for SEO and google ranks.

Though trends keep on changing. But these 5 tips can help you to achieve the best results in 2017 with