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In case, you are using Instagram, you might have seen influential users trying hard to promote products and brands. Now, the initial question popping up in your mind is to wonder how the business or your rand can work with influencers on IG. This is why you need to head towards this article to get in-depth knowledge at what you might do to run that successful IG influencer based marketing campaign. There are ways in which you can address the right help with Instagram followers and it will definitely act to help grow the IG platform well. So, make sure to follow that option too.

Reasons to just use IG for the Influencer Marketing:

At first, you might want to make sure that this form of campaign will yield the desired results. You might already be well aware of the fact that IG marketing is a rather effective option. Now, it is time for you to determine if you are executing the campaign right on IG and if it is one best option. You can check out some of the reasons on why you might be using IG for the influencer marketing over here.

  • Heading towards massive marketing reach:

Instagram is noted to be one of the most popular examples of social media platforms in this said world. As per the survey from Pew Research Center, it is always noted to be the second most popular social media platform, right from Facebook. According to this report, around 32% of the internet users in the USA are on IG.

  • Working towards the higher engagement rate:

Instagram happens to be one of the most engaging platforms under the social media sector. As per the study by Track Maven, IG sees that most of the average interactions on every post are likely to be per 1000 followers. The average form of engagement ratio is likely to be around 29.67 on the said platform. The you have on the FB, which sees somewhat around 16.54 average based interactions on per 1000 followers on every post.

  • The choice of the influencers:

IG is also noted to be a vital platform for executing the influencer based marketing campaign as the influencers prefer it that way. Bloglovin made it a point to have a cha wit 2500 micro-influencers and came up to the answer that IG is the most preferred platform among the lot. Around 59% of them will say it to be the most effective platform to just engage their current targeted audiences.

Make sure to understand the cost:

Even before you can start planning the current campaign, you might have to consider the budget and start making plan accordingly. While the influencer marketing is not always that expensive, proficient budgeting and proper planning is the way to help avoid some unnecessary costs over here.

  • It is always vital for you to understand that the working cost with the influencers will subject to vary based on the follower size of the influencer and even the industry that you are associated with. As per the pros, influencers are known to charge more if the audience size increases.
  • On an average, those influencers with fewer than around 2000 followers might charge around $124 on every IG post. This price might further increase to around $258 per post for the influencers with 75K to 100K followers.
  • Moreover, if the influencer is known to have over a million followers then be sure to pay them around $1400 or more for a single IG post.
  • The cost of just working with the IG influencers will further vary depending on the sector where the person specializes in. The report found out that the travel influencers are the ones charging the highest, with an average of around $220 for every sponsored post.
  • Then you have the entertainment influencers over here, who are followed by lifestyle and home influencers, who will be charging $204 and $209 respectively, on each post.
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Once you are completely associated with the costs and understand them from the core, you might have that better idea on how much you might need to spend right on campaign. Depending on the said budget, you can further decide the influencers you care to work with and how much you can actually afford to spend on them.

Finding the right influencers now:

Now is the time to find the right influencers with whom you want to grow your business. This is one noted challenging step in the area of influencer marketing for sure, not just with IG but with other social media platforms too. In a study made by Econsultancy, it was found out to be the biggest challenge to just work with the influencers now.

  • In case, you are making some plans to just overcome these challenges, you have to be very clear about what you are actually looking for in an influencer. What are the major characteristics to define the right influencer?
  • At first, they need to be quite relevant to the brand and even to the campaign. Thy have to be rather creative and at the same time, quite engaging. Depending on the said campaign goals, they might have that proper and significant reach now.
  • By defining the perfect influencer, it will be easier for you to narrow down the search and come up with some of the best influencers for brand right from list of the potential influencers over here.

Branded hash tags will help:

You better search for the branded hash tags. For that, you have to conduct a search using branded hash tags and find some relevant content, as created related to your products. You can further check out more about the users, who have well created these posts for the potential influencers to look right into.

Just be sure to follow these points and finding the right IG influencer to work with won’t be that much of a challenge anymore. The more you research, the better information you will come up with.

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