Five essential men’s clothing accessories

Many men know how to dress well and know the clothes that look best on their body shape. Your wardrobe might be bursting with great clothes, but accessories are often ignored. Read on for the five best men’s clothing accessories to consider for your wardrobe.

1.      A Great Scarf

Scarves can be plain, or they can be patterned. Like socks, this is an area where some crazy styling is fine. Stick to a colour palette for the season. For winter, think greys, blues, greens, oranges and other deep colours. Materials can make a big difference, so consider the best fabric for your needs. If you’re looking for a warm scarf, cashmere is perhaps the best option. This is a gorgeous fabric that is soft, luxurious and long-lasting. A lighter scarf can be made of cotton.

2.      Leather Gloves

Sophisticated gloves are always leather, and these can be black or brown but rarely any other colour. Think about getting one pair in each colour so they will match with any clothes throughout the seasons. They keep your hands warm while still looking stylish, but stick to plain designs.
3.      Wool Beanies

For a casual look, a beanie is hard to beat. The wool beanie in black or grey works well with a range of outfits and looks neat on the head. Beanies work well with spring weather in a lighter knit or in winter with a heavier and thicker knit. Beanies can be worn with mens designer jackets from providers such as for a stylish combination.

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4.      A Man Bag

Modern men are using bags more often than ever for all purposes. It is common to see a “man bag” on the high street and at work nowadays, and they are really stylish as well as highly practical. The best bags tend to be leather for smart wear or canvas/cotton for casual. Backpacks in different sizes work well for casual wear, while smart bags can also be briefcases, totes or hold-alls. Satchels and messenger bags are also very stylish right now.

5. Suede Belts

Belts can make or break an outfit, and right now suede is a great fabric to choose for your belt. For colder months, a suede belt adds some texture and visual weight to your trouser tops. Choose a dark brown shade for a more interesting, textured look than black.a