Four Important Things to Consider Before Buying Goats

Goats might not be the first thing that you think about when it comes to choosing a family pet, but for those who live on small farms or in a rural setting, keeping goats can be wonderful. If you’ve decided that the next step on your agenda is buying goats, then you’re probably feeling quite excited about picking them up and bringing them home. However, before you take the next step towards becoming a goat owner, it’s important to make sure that you are a responsible one. Here are the main factors that you will need to take into careful consideration before buying goats.

1. Health:

First and foremost, it’s absolutely crucial that you ensure your potential new goats are healthy. After finding goats for sale and going to see them, it’s a good idea to have them first checked over by a veterinarian, who’ll be able to identify any current or potential health problems with the goats that could cause problems for you later on. This is especially important if you are purchasing goats for farming purposes, for example if you plan to sell goats cheese or goats milk, as certain health problems could cause these food products to become contaminated, which will be bad for your business.

2. Care:

Secondly, it’s vital to determine whether or not you will be in a suitable position to keep and care for your goats. Ideally, you will have somewhere for your goats to reside, such as a small field or yard, where they will be comfortable and able to have a good standard of living under your ownership. If this is your first time buying goats, then it’s a good idea to get some valuable advice from people who have more experience than yourself – you might find later on that keeping goats is a lot more difficult than you expected, so it’s important that you arrive prepared.

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3. Number:

In general, goats are very sociable animals, therefore it’s important to be aware that keeping one on its own won’t be a very nice experience for the goat. If you are only going to be buying one goat, then it’s highly advisable to find a second goat, or perhaps put off getting one until you are sure you’re in a position to keep two or more. A goat who is feeling lonely will get bored very easily, and is sure to cause a lot of mischief as a result! The best option is to go for two doe goats, or a doe and a wether (a neutered male). Or, if you’re considering going further and starting a business, your own herd, then a doe and a buck is ideal.

4. Security:

Lastly, bear in mind that goats can be little escape artists. Never underestimate your goats when it comes to squeezing through small spaces, getting underneath things, or even jumping over things! In general, if a goat stays in their pasture, then it’s because that’s where they want to be. Make sure that the area you have prepared for your goats is very secure, with adequate fencing and no small gaps.