You must have heard the popular notions of Tally being very complicated software. Also, that, you need extensive training in Tally to become proficient. But let me tell you, operating Tally is quite easy. We can assume that with the expansion of a company into a big enterprise from a small one can increase the workload. This workload demands faster data entry. Also, if not done with concentration, faster data entry may lead to incorrect data entry. Which is not acceptable because of the company’s account can get altered resulting in confusions in tax invoices.

There are some inbuilt features and shortcuts present in Tally which can help any user to boost up the data entry process. Practicing these shortcuts would minimize the time consumed and let a user do accurate data feeding. In this post, I’ve put together some tips to boost up data entry work in Tally.

Let me first take you through a simple outline of what Tally ERP9 is.

Tally ERP 9 is a business accounting software which is popularly used in small and medium-sized enterprises. However, the software has been evolved with time. It is widely used because of its simple to use features. This software assists people to manage their GST compliance easily. It is considered as the most trusted accounting software in India.

How to boost data entry in Tally?

#1 through Hot Keys

Tally provides you with several hotkeys to cut down your time in navigation. As the navigation part is the most important, is it imperative to use these hotkeys to access the voucher entry screen simply.

For example:

  • To access sales voucher entry screen from Gateway, press V then F8.
  • To go directly to Rejection option in Voucher from the Gateway, press T>Ctrl+F6.
  • To access daybook, to edit a voucher, press D>D.
  • To reach out to a particular ledger to edit, press D>A>L.

#2 Use an Online Calculator

Voucher entry deals with a lot of calculations. You should make a habit of using an online calculator. This way the result will be shown directly in the amount field and time consumed will also get reduced. To have quick access to an online calculator, press ALT+C shortcut key and get the result directly in the amount field.

#3 Repeat Narrations

Don’t let yourself trapped in writing the narrations for the same voucher type. This is the most time-consuming task. Why waste time when you can set narrations on repeat mode?

If the voucher type is same and you want to repeat the last used narration use the shortcut key CTRL+R in the narration field. This will help you perform your task lesser time. But, remember one thing that this trick is not useful to repeat narration in payment voucher.

#4 Skip Date Field

Data entry in Tally ERP 9 gets monotonous as you are entering thousands of similar data at the same time. for example, doing the same type of entry in the voucher. If you have more than one sale voucher entries and you want to keep the date unchanged, then you can activate the skip date field option.

Perform this action to save your time in data entry. To skip date field GOT>Press>F12>Voucher Entry>Skip Date Field during Creation for Faster Entry: Yes.

#5 Delete Unwanted Fields

Turn off all the unwanted fields that you have created earlier. This way you can increase your data entry process in Tally ERP 9 software. Remove all unwanted fields like a ledger, mailing detail, tax registration, etc. which you think are not going to be in use for that day. While creating the ledger account you can delete unwanted features by pressing F12.

#6 Activate Print Voucher After Saving

At the end of your data entry process, you are generally in need of printouts of the important transactions to maintain a file. But if you take print of all the transactions done in a day then you can reduce the effort of giving print command every time you want a printout. You can use CTRL+P shortcut key to get the print but after activating print Voucher after saving will automatically command the system to get a print without having to press CTRL+P.

How Tally classes in Delhi can help you?

There are amazingly designed Tally classes in Delhi that let you learn all the basic and advanced techniques of Tally ERP in just 2 months. The first month is about the basic understanding and second-month focus on advanced features like GST, TDS, and Service Tax Payroll.

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