How to Read Newspaper for Competitive Exams

If you are preparing for competitive exams, you need not take chances with what you read. Nothing embarrasses like tailing in tests. It does not only lower your esteem, but it will also cost you promotions and opportunities for climbing up the ladder. Your fellow competitors may even look down on you. Many resources can give you the best information that you need, such as journals and newspapers.

A newspaper is a periodical publication that gives a broad scope of data ranging from local, national, international, business, sport news, among others. Apart from keeping you updated with the happenings all over the world, this document can also be a source of exam materials.

Tips on Reading the Publication for Exams

It is essential to note that most, if not all, exams whether written or oral, revolve around the current affairs. It is advisable, therefore, to always be informed with present events, be it local, national, or international. When reading the Newspaper:

  1. Have a pen and a notebook

Look for the sections that give you the necessary facts, figures, and information that you can use to argue your case in an exam. You should then read these sections extensively and jot down the necessary points. Look for data on other pages.

  • Form Questions and Look for Answers

Depending on the tests you are sitting for, try to form as many questions as possible. Peruse through the newspaper pages and get as much information as possible. Compile the data and try as much as possible to give comprehensive answers. If you love reading sports magazines; then do follow the same formula of reading.

  • Read different publications

Relying on one edition of the papers may not give you all the information you need. It is, therefore, vital that you have various articles and gather as much data from each as possible. Read each paper at a time, highlighting the sections that you feel have the information you read. Note down also the vocabulary and grammar used to improve your language.

  • Read Daily publications

Make it a habit of reading the publications every day to get as much information as possible. Reading daily will also keep you informed about the emerging issues which will help you build your database.

The Vital Sections to Read

Not all pages in the Newspaper may be resourceful for competitive tests. It is necessary to know the sections to be devoted to not to waste time reading unnecessary staff.

  1. The front page

This page typically highlights the most important news, and it is advisable to look carefully and filter out what is helpful for you.

  • Editorial

This page combines opinion as well as the editor’s noted. It is a highly resourceful page, and you can gather a lot of data necessary for answering exams. It can help you improve your language skills, widen your knowledge, understand critical issues.

  • National and international news

Look for as much information from this section as possible and make notes

  • Business news

You can also get valuable information from this section. Take your time to read the article as it also deals with the economy, which may feature in exams, especially for MBA exams.

Conclusion The Newspaper is a vital resource for examination materials. You should, therefore, devote some time daily to go through different publications and note down the necessary points. Know what to read and what to leave out as this will make you well prepared.

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