How To Use Differentiated Instruction For Improving The Writing Skills In Students?

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Differentiated instruction, also known as diversity, is a method which can be used by the teachers to improve the learning process of the students simply by matching their strengths and weaknesses, as well as, the pace of learning in mind before creating any sort of instructions or assessment. In the same manner, you can even create effective differentiated instructions for developing or improving the writing skills in the students. This even helps you to give them enough of the time to complete the designed assignments so that they can come up with the different writing ideas.

However, to have a better understanding of the differentiated instruction approach for developing writing skills in the early years of students you need to consider undertaking a pre-primary teacher training course. These certification courses are curated in the way to help aspiring teachers learn modern teaching techniques.

Through this post, we shall try to dig deep to understand the ways teachers can put into practice the differentiated instruction in their teaching style.

Teachers can bring the desired changes in the content, process, and/or product so as to make it more simple and easy to learn for the students. For instance, if you are trying to teach the students to understand subtraction with the use of renaming method, chances are some of the students will learn to subtract two-digit numbers, while others will learn to subtract bigger numbers in the word problems.

How to Effectively Implement the Differentiated Instruction in Your Teaching?

The incorporation of the differentiated instruction is different for different students. Hence, you need to bear in mind the given below points before you decide to create instructions:

  • First and the foremost thing, make use of the problem-solving assessments to know the level of readiness of the student. Teachers can plan and decide to give pre-tests, ask students about their related knowledge, or use KWL graphic representation (graphic representation that created to ask students to recognize and tell what they already acquainted with, what they wish to explore, and what they have understood about any topic).
  • Try to know the interest of your students. For this, you can make use of the interest lists and/or just try to involve your students in the planning procedure. Teachers can ask students openly to come forward and let her know about any topic that they find more interesting.Pre-primary teacher training coursehere play a crucial role as they train you to improve your teacher-student interactions and openly speak to your students in the classroom session for improved learning.
  • Last but not the least; you need to try to figure out the learning styles and environmental likings of your students. For this, teachers can again ask students how they learn best and to know environmental likings you need to observe whether students like to work in large or small groups.
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Do you wish to improve your students writing skills with the implementation of differentiation instruction? If yes, then get started by signing up pre-primary teacher training courseand sharpen your skills.

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