Key Tips On Taking Amazing Headshots For Your Business Profile

Do you need a new corporate headshot but have no idea how and where to start? When it comes to business portraits, it is wise to put some thoughts into what image you want to portray. Also, think ahead and make necessary preparations for the headshot photo session.

Here are five key tips on how to take amazing headshots for your business profile:

1. Find a photographer who specializes in corporate headshots

Make sure that your photographer has deeper knowledge about business and branding, and what your headshot is trying to say. The photographer may specialize in pets or kids and still be able to take great portraits. However, it may not be the same as capturing and expressing your personal brand with an amazing business headshot. Scout for good business headshot photographers before making a decision.

2. Where and how will you use your business headshot

Not all headshots apply to every situation. Some headshots can be used in different platforms and for various purposes. Think about how and where you want your headshots to be used.

● LinkedIn profile: You may need a simple, clean, and professional headshot. Typically, a white background is the best choice for LinkedIn profile photos.
● To be used on different platforms: Think about how you want to look like. Should it be more formal or serious? Fun and friendly? It all depends on you, and your brand message.
● Websites and blogs: A studio style or clean background can be a great option for this. Likewise, you may use your office space as the backdrop. However, make sure that the photographer brings lighting equipment for indoor office photo sessions.

3. Hair, make-up, and clothing

● Clothing: Never wear graphic logo t-shirts, brand or statement shirts. You will only look silly and unprofessional. Remember that your photo will be used on various platforms for many years. Choose a classic, plain, corporate attire that will make you look best and professional.
● Hair: Don’t come to the studio or photo session with messy hair. Especially for the ladies, make sure that your hair is smooth flowing, neat, and full-bodied. No strand of hair must cover a part of your face, and it must be brushed neatly around the edges.
● Makeup: Natural makeup look always works best. Wearing layers of makeup like you would do on a night out will not work for a business headshot. The image you want is a good, professional portrayal of yourself.

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4. Know your angle

Most people know which side or angle of their face they look best. It’s okay if you don’t know. You can practice in front of the mirror, or ask your colleagues which features of your face you should flaunt closest to the camera. Further, your photographer can also help you out during the session.

5. Relax and smile

Are you nervous in having your picture taken? If you are, make sure to keep calm before the photo session. Some photographers don’t like it when their subject keeps on talking and saying how nervous they are. They may capture you talking or pulling your face away from the camera.

Take a deep breath and just relax. You are in safe hands. Trust the photographer because they too want to capture the best picture of you.


Keep these tips in mind to ensure that you will have amazing headshots for your business profile. Meanwhile, professional headshots Chicago can give you more information about corporate headshots and how to prepare for your next photo session.

Michael Schacht is a portrait photographer and photography educator based in Chicago Illinois. As owner/operator of 312 Elements Headshot Photography located in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, Michael overseas the day to day operations and has had the opportunity to photograph thousands of corporate professionals over the last decade. Through his direction, attention to detail, and people skills, he’s helped these clients to craft a narrative around their personal brand. It’s his belief that the headshot is the modern dad business card and that a better headshot is essential for a better career. Michael, his wife Meghan and his two daughters reside in Tinley Park Illinois where he is a community leader and active participant in the local business sector. Michael studied business at Ball State university and photography with world renown headshot photographer, Peter Hurley. It was Hurley that trained Michael in the art of human expression. Michael is now a Headshot Crew certified Mentor and active member of the Headshot Crew community where he was named one of the top 20 headshot photographers in the world.