Looking to Book a Restaurant in London? Make your Work Easy!

Restaurant in London

The United Kingdom is a land that teems with thousands of restaurants to cater for the ever-growing need of eatery and accommodation services, both locally and by international travelers. To bolster and reinforce this growth, a number of mobile phone applications are sprouting to aid the travelers in finding the best restaurants to suit their specific demands. Restaurants too are looking to this new wave of restaurant booking apps to boost their marketing endeavors to reach new customers worldwide. So, if you are regular traveler within or to the United Kingdom, here are some of the top rated applications that will make your quest for the best hotel easy and your stay in the country worthwhile.

1. TablePouncer
Launched just a couple of months ago, this application is ideal for those without plans of visiting a particular restaurant. It enables you to have a last-minute booking of your favorite restaurant. As soon as you click on the app, you will have a view of all the restaurants near you that accept the app, and the tables that are free for booking at that time. In addition, those who use the app for booking their table are given up to 65% discount. Believe or not, the app is very fast, sealing your booking deal in just under ten seconds. The app is available on Android, Apple and Blackberry operating systems. You can visit the site as well.

2. Yplan
This app is widely used in London, New York, Edinburg, Las Vegas and many other famous cities across the world. In fact, locals within London will tell you to make a point of downloading this app on your first day in the city. Why should this be the case? It will give you the latest updates on events and happenings within these cities. Be it in the theatres, concerts or even restaurants. If you are a regular traveler, it will greatly help you in booking a local restaurant near you as well as tipping you on what is about to happen within your selected restaurant. This is what makes this app truly a genius and a traveler’s friend.

3. CityHawk
This app is exclusive to London. With it, you can book any of the greater London restaurants. So, how does it actually work? As soon as you open the app, eight nearby restaurants will be displayed that have guaranteed spaces. Then, if none of the restaurants shown in the first round appeal to your interest, you simply adjust the filters to give a whole new list to choose from. It will give you the pricing, photos and meals available in the restaurant. After making your choice, you just tap three times on your hotel of choice to place your booking.

Every moment spent in London should count, especially if you are looking for a great place to relax and enjoy your best cuisine. Simply take advantage of technology and have your way in town.

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