Make the Most Out of Your Online Counseling Session by Knowing the Facts

CoupleCouchLaptopV3-602x200Couple counseling trends have changed noticeably over the years. Back in the days, there weren’t a lot of people who like opening up their relationship issues with marriage counselors, but nowadays, more and more couples feel more comfortable in doing so. This is primarily because there are more options for couples to voice out their concerns.

Some still go with the old school way of marriage counseling where they need to come to the clinic or office of their therapists. There are plenty of trained therapists found in different locales and couples can choose depending on the location of the offices, or the reputation of the therapist.

Others however enroll in online marriage counseling programs. Because there are several couples who claim that they don’t have time to drive down the offices of their therapist, they prefer to do everything online instead.

Online Marriage Counseling

Technology has paved way for plenty of online courses. It seems like nowadays you can learn anything with just a click of your mouse. Among the long list of the things you can enroll yourself in is the online couple counseling where trained therapists meet with their clients through the wide variety of communication apps.

Time and distance becomes a major issue among couples, most especially if they have already chosen to live in separate houses and worse, in different towns. It is not easy to get two people in one place and one schedule because each have their own priorities, and in most cases one of the them don’t even want to take part in the counseling at all. By taking things online, it would be more like a Skype session with friends and family who live far away from each other. It becomes more regular because there the time and the distance would no longer be an excuse.

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This means that couples get to address their problems with each other like their lack of communication,  failure in identifying what the source of problems is, poor managing of the frequent arguments, lack of interest in exploring all of the options, and unwillingness to come into terms.

Apart from eliminating the sources of alibi and improving the basic problems of every couple, doing this online is also great especially when there’s too much negativity surrounding each other. More often than not, couples would nap at each other when they are in an in-person counseling session. With the online option, they both get to be present to settle the issue step by step and they don’t feel that much tension.

More Intimate Conversations

When it comes to anything online, people would often shrug it off because they feel that everything they’d do would feel impersonal. Because of this, couples don’t feel assured that doing their sessions over apps could help them rebuild their relationships.

A number of researches have been done conducted to study the efficacy of online couple counseling and the results are promising. These researches point out that a lot of couples feel more open in talking online because they feel more relaxed thanks to the comfort they feel when they’re somewhere homey, instead of going to offices and clinics that are mostly alienating. These studies also point out that online sessions are as effective as the personal sessions.

Apart from the promising potential of online session, when they are not attending their scheduled talks, each of them has the option to do self therapy. There are resource materials that they can read when they’re not pre-occupied. There is a wide array of free materials available, like podcasts, eBooks, short write-ups, videos and more.