Prince Edward island selects 140 candidates in the latest draw

In a new draw which happened on April 18th, Prince Edward Island has selected 113 candidates for its three immigration streams, known as Labor impact, Business Impact, and Express Entry. With this round of invitations, the total number of invitations issued so far in the year is 570. 

The Labor Impact category includes three streams which are the Skilled Worker stream, the International Graduate stream, and the Critical Worker stream. The candidates have to provide an Expression of Interest. After that, they are selected based on the scores of the other candidates in the pool. The PEI ranks candidates on the basis of its points grid.

To be eligible as per the skilled workers and critical workers stream, you must have job offers of 2 years. The candidate must also be within a certain age group of 21-59 years. This is how you qualify for these streams.

International Graduate Stream

As far as the international graduate stream is concerned, the candidates must have pursued a 2-year diploma or degree from Prince Edward Island universities. After pursuing this degree, they must be holding a post-graduation work permit. Since they have this permit, they must have a 6 months work experience in this work and a job offer.

Prince Edward Island also shortlists candidates from the Express Entry pool for immigration here. The candidates also need to create an Expression Of Interest to get this invite. The candidates may or may not have a job offer because, in both situations, they get 100 points as per the PEI points system. The candidates can get up to 15 points without a job offer if they have a work experience which is longer than 6 years. The candidates can therefore easily immigrate to Canada.

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Business Impact category: Work permit

As per the Business Impact category: Canada Working Holiday Australia, a different set of rules apply for getting approved for immigration. The participants of this stream must have a net worth of 6,00,000 CAD and should be ready to invest as much as 1,50,000 CAD in any fresh or current business in the province.

He must also provide a comprehensive business plan to get selected. That’s how the Business Impact category plan works. Those who apply under this stream get a work permit to stay and work in their business in Canada. After selection as per this stream, the candidate receives a Letter of Support which he can then use to apply to get a temporary work permit. 

To be selected under this stream, a candidate has to provide an expression of interest. 17 candidates were chosen for this category as per the draw on April 18th.

The selected candidates have received an invitation to apply to get a letter of support as per this PEI PNP norms. They can use this letter of support to apply and get a  work permit from the Federal government. This work permit is given for 2 years. Once they apply for a Letter of Support these 17 eligible candidates have to wait for 3-6 months to get this letter.
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