One thing that has affected every living thing on earth, be it plants, animals or humans, is the fast-paced changing weather conditions. This change in the supply of sunlight, water and air has hampered the growth of flowers, caused a threat to their survival and affected their natural blooming patterns. But do not lose hope; the following is the list of some amazing flowers that can be grown easily in the home garden of your place and brighten the whole area. You can also choose to gift these types of flowers when you want a flower delivery in Jaipur.


There’s hardly any doubt in the fact that the carnations are one of the most gorgeous looking flowers which can also survive a complete winter season without any problem. Their specialty is hardiness and are often referred to as ’pinks’ by some people. Their blooming periods are long and their fragrances distinct and pleasant. Carnations can be replanted every year, and with the application of correct winterization practice, these carnations can be used as perennials also.


When you think about a beautiful winter-blooming flower in India, then the answer that comes in your mind is that of a classic rose. The universally loved roses can be gracefully arranged in a flower bouquet or any other beautiful floral arrangement says florist from Lamouretfleurs. The most beloved flower rose grows in many places all over the world and has it’s availability in many hues also. A symbol of beauty, love, and romance for all lovers of the world, the rose finds its way in everybody’s heart especially on Valentine’s Day when one wants to send a flower delivery in Jaipur for their loved ones.


This delightful flower is also famous by various names such as Jonquils and Narcissus. It is a winter bulb flower that can grow excellently in the Indian winter conditions. Its blooming period is akin to that of a tulip. Be it yellow, white, orange, pink or tricolor; the Daffodils comes in all shades for everybody to rejoice. Next time try buying daffodils when you go for flower delivery in Jaipur.


This is especially a Christmas The lovely flower is sold in the form of potted plants during the time of Christmas. You can effectively cut and. use these wonderful flowers in the form of a flower bouquet. The red poinsettia flower is very much popular and is also available in the tones of orange and purple.

You can have a look at the following video to get more insights about winter flowers in India.


A wonderful flower, especially used in decorative purpose and in gifting purpose and most widely appreciated by all, is the Lily flower. It can be said as an iconic winter flower, and because of its unparalleled beauty, it is quite expensively available in the market also. These lilies can be sent with online cake delivery in Jaipur as an astounding birthday or anniversary gift to someone.

Gerbera Daisies

With multiple color options to choose from such as yellow, pink, orange, red and white. This is a maintenance free flower that is quite favored among the florists. One needs to clip the stem of the flower from half-inch every alternate day and also change the water regularly to keep the freshness intact in flower.

You can have a look at this article to familiarise yourself with winter flowers more You can finally go and check out these pleasing flowers for flower delivery in Jaipur, that can effortlessly endure the typical winter conditions and bloom beautifully throughout the winters.

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