Best 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for your Parents

Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas

A wedding anniversary is a reminder of the existing love between two persons. It is even more special when they have been sharing bonds for 25 years. Parents often dislike celebrating such accomplishment and it’s usually up to the children to do something unforgettable for them. It’s not only a matter of giving them a beautiful day but also an exclusive gift as a representation of their togetherness. As their child, you should be familiar with their likes and preferences but it always pays off to sift through other ideas for a 25th anniversary celebration. So, take notes and use these tips. Perhaps, one of them is spot-on and just what you are looking for. Whatever the gift you select, you can buy it at the florist online.

The 25th anniversary is popularly known as the Silver anniversary. So, people take advantage of the occasion to give away things made of silver. Of course, you are free to do something different. This article aims to show a list of the best 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your parents. And YES, surprisingly, not all is about flowers!

  1. Silver Photo Frame

A photo frame is one of the most popular ways of capturing memories through time. It gives a different touch, probably more traditional than we are used to seeing in the modern world. The frame must contain a photo of the wedding and a photo of these days. We can perfectly make a “then a now” photo frame by using this theme.

Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas

  1. Wooden Wall Clock

An object that tells the time is probable the best witness of the love between two persons, the true representation of togetherness. You can buy a clock and write something beautiful on it; your parents will appreciate it.  Show the love for your parents with this timepiece.

  1. Disk Music Box
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If you are searching for something to bring back old memories, a disk music box is a good alternative. You just need to select the songs that were played during their wedding, record them and play them again on a music box. What makes it a beautiful present is the vinyl set and the wood color. Pick this color preferably.

  1. Champagne Glasses

Sometimes, a simpler gift like a pair of champagne glasses is enough to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Choose the champagne theme and encourage them to celebrate such an unforgettable date with you in a low-key gathering.

  1. Engraved Joining Heart Key Ring

This present will make your parents smile a little bit. A key ring is actually something they can wear every single day. To make it even more special, engrave a message on it for the occasion, like “I love you” or “Together forever”,

Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas

  1. Clay Rose

Fresh flowers bouquets are always beautiful but this time, it is recommendable to find something that can last more days for your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. Look for something that makes for reminiscences like a clay rose. You can also send real flowers to your parents on this occasion through the help of online gift portals. It brings a strange fairytale effect. Giving these clay flowers is spot-on.

Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas

  1. A Couple Under a Guardian Angel

This is basically a small statue comprised of an angel who protects a couple. This gift is usually white-colored but can be customized to silver-colored. It symbolizes that God sends their angels to protect marriages. After all, your parents have been together for 25 years. They have gone through good but also bad situations but they have stayed together through thick and thin. It also represents the strength of a relationship.


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