Digital watches are an ideal choice for everyday use and to flaunt a sense of style. They are constantly being upgraded from the time they came into existence. New age digital watches are highly functional in nature and portray a great style statement apart from giving a sporty look to a man’s personality. Most of the digital watches available in the market are loaded with numerous features which makes it difficult to opt for one best option. Some special features that these digital watches boast easy-to- watches read displays, stopwatch, alarm functionality, variable time zone formats, backlights etc. The designs, models, size, color, dial are some basic features that define the style statement of digital watches. Here is the list of best digital watches for men that we have listed up to assist in your decision making process.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar is a solar powered wristwatch equipped with touch screen sensors. These sensors can provide the information related to weather along with more than twenty other essential features such as dual time zones, altimeter, and a compass. The T-Touch experts comprise of high-end designing that is coated in a titanium body and preserved with scratch-resistant glass made of sapphire. There is also a provision to customize your looks with a variety of straps that include silicone, leather, and titanium.

Timex Expedition Shock CAT

If you are looking for an outdoor companion and not just a watch to keep you updated with time, then Timex Expedition Shock CAT is specifically designed for you. Its durability and sporty look make it a perfect match for sports lovers. It is made with shock-resistant material certified from I.S.O. and it is also water resistant up to 100m. This watch is simple and affordable that comes with great looks and will stand the test of time with its toughness.

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire                                                                       

If you want to complement your busy lifestyle with a new age digital watch, then Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire is definitely the best bet for you. It is the largest amongst the latest Fenix 5 smartwatches and therefore is power packed. This multi-feature smartwatch comes with better-quality tracking capabilities and advanced software to keep up the style game and the sports quotient too. As compared to other digital watches in the same price range, Fenix 5X Sapphire tops the market with the features it hosts and durability it provides.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Flight Timer Quartz

Hamilton watches are vintage watches dated back to 1918. At that time, Hamilton watches were known to be manufactured only for pilots but now it is being customized with contemporary features for urban man. The Hamilton Khaki Aviation timer quartz comes with a wide range of flight-specific features. Other features include UTC time, a flight time recorder, calendar, a chronograph, countdown, and an ISA temperature display. So, if you want to keep up your head even in clouds, this watch will make sure you are always on top.

Casio A168WG-9

If someone is fond of vintage watches, then there is no better option than the Casio A168WG-9 which is a real piece of gold. Not because of the color but for the numerous features it possesses and the elegance it dwells. The distinctive 80’s design is the point of focus for this watch apart from the bright digital display, alarm functions, chronograph and accuracy of time. The Casio A168WG-9 is a statement piece with a vintage look that can instantly glorify your outfit. The best part is that it is easy on your pockets and it can be yours under $50.

Casio CA53W-1

The Casio CA53W-1 is from a series of Casio’s Databank family possess an 8-digit calculator. This is another vintage style gem from Casio that is quite popular amongst the leaders of every generation. This classic timepiece is best known as the calculator watch because of the premium calculator that it hosts. In addition to its idiosyncratic design, the watch also comprises of other useful standard settings such as a daily alarm, dual time zones, and an auto calendar.

Nixon A197-195

A perfect amalgamation of street style and sporty looks, the Nixon A197-195 is a watch that is made to be used every day. It is tough, durable and features quartz movement within a digital display. The screen on the dial is embedded in a 49mm stainless steel body, which can provide water resistance up to 100 meters. The polyurethane wristband adds comfort and brings sturdiness.

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