Rudraksha is, basically, a seed of a certain kind of tree which grows in the mountains. These trees are mainly found in the southern part of Asia continent, especially in the Himalayan regions like India, Nepal, and Burma and also in parts of Thailand and Indonesia. It is also said that these seeds are also found in some parts of Nilgiri mountains area of south India. The term ‘rudra’ means a form of Lord Shiva, which means roar. On the other hand, ‘aksha’ means tear drops. As the story goes, it says, after many years of meditation (‘tapasya’ according to Hindu religion), when Lord Shiva opened his eyes, a tear drop rolled down from his eyes to the ground and a Rudraksha tree was born.

The spiritual rendition of Rudraksha
It is said that those who believe in spirituality get a certain positive vibration from Rudraksha. It takes one to the path of liberation or ‘mukti’. If someone wears a rudraksha mala for four to six months, it becomes a part of their body only. It becomes an organ of a body and functions like that.

Benefits of wearing a Rudraksha Mala
One can buy original rudraksha mala in online shopping, but before that, they should know what the benefits of it are.

It gives a certain boost to one’s energy, and also, it is good for the entire well being of human health.

Those who travel very often and have the habit of eating and sleeping in different places should wear a rudraksha mala as it shields a person from various difficulties and retains the energy. It may occur that the reverberation of a place may not suit someone’s energy. If that person is wearing a rudraksha mala, then these beads modulate the effects and thus extreme situations also becomes moderate. It was a very useful thing for the monks or saints; those who used to travel a lot to different places. At present day, this also has significance. People have a fast life these days. They do need to travel a lot for their work and the stress level is high. To keep them calm and make them soothe within themselves, rudraksha mala can be proved beneficial.

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It is a belief that original rudraksha mala can identify the quality of water. It shows whether the water is drinkable or not. If the rudraksha mala is hanged over the pitcher full of water and if the beads rotate clockwise, then it is drinkable. If the beads rotate in an anti clockwise direction, then the water is not pure enough to drink.

Rudraksha also helps to shun down certain negative influences. It increases concentration and inner power to meditate. If someone chants a mantra with rudraksha mala in their hand for sometimes a day, then there is a certain increase in their concentration power.

These are the basic things that one can get by wearing a rudraksha mala. The negativity goes away and one can be more focused towards their life.

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