How to choose baby’s first walking shoes?

When your baby takes that first step to walk, it is such a wonderful feeling that every parent loves to cherish.  It definitely points to the onset of a new phase in their growth – a transformation from infant to toddler. In the enthusiasm, every parent wishes to immediately head to the nearest baby stores or browse baby shopping websites to find out the best pair of shoes for their precious ones. But the question is what type of shoes one should buy in the initial phase of walking.

Here are some tips that will help you in buying the first pair of walking shoes for your baby:

Don’t rush into buying shoes immediately:

Don’t be surprised after reading this advice. Well, if your little one has just started taking wobbly steps, then just wait for the right time and don’t hurry to buy walking shoes yet. You need to give them time till they are confident enough to walk properly unassisted. It will take yet another couple of months for them to improve on their walking skills. If you still wish to surf baby shopping websites and look for walking shoes to protect your child feet from cold and rough surfaces, then probably going with pre-walker booties will be a great idea.

The booties are basically are soft and light in weight, thereby giving your baby enough room, freedom, and flexibility to lift their feet and move around without any discomfort.

The transition from pre-walker booties to walking shoes:

You must be thinking till how long you need to wait after they have taken their first step to walk to buy proper walking shoes? Well, there is no fixed time for this. It completely depends on your child. Every child is different. Some toddlers just take around 2-3 months to walk unassisted, while others take some more time. When you see that your baby is confidently walking without support, it means the time has come when you need to move on to the next stage- the transition from pre-walker booties to walking shoes.

Finding the right fit:

It can be quite daunting for the new mums while browsing different walking shoes on baby shopping websites and trying to find the right walking shoe size. The simplest thing is to know exactly what you are looking for and then it will be easier for you to select the design and style you wish to buy. However, before this, you have to first measure your baby’s feet size so that you buy the right fit for them. Choosing the right fit of shoes is very important. As we all know how uncomfortable it feels like when you are wearing a tight shoe.

Type of shoe fastener:

To start with, you can go with the Velcro or strap fasteners in the walking shoes as they are easy to fasten the shoe.

Looking for comfortable and stylish walking shoes for your baby? Visit baby shopping websites and buy shoes of your choice now.