Fruits To Enjoy During Winters

The winter season is known to bring along with it a great produce; best of the year round’s like papayas as well as other exotic seasonal fruits like the strawberries. Here is how you can enjoy all of these fruits and also benefit from their nutritional value.


This delicious fruit, with a yellow-to-bright-red colour gives you as many antioxidants that broccoli does. The little and all that you need to do is just cut it into slices and eat it fresh.

As an ingredient: One can make an amazing sauce to enjoy with grilled chicken. All you need to do is pureeing the pulp, and then, add some citrus juice, spices and onion, and it is ready. It goes really well with grilled mutton as well.


The fruit is a great source of Vitamin A, that is very important for a great skin, and it has papain, an enzyme which aids digestion.

As an ingredient: If you have a ripe papaya, you can add it to the spicy tomato salsa for that little bit of sweetness to nicely balance the taste. Or you can use the green papaya for salad dressings. All you need to do is shred and toss using sesame-soy dressing to make an Asian slaw. Papaya should not be consumed by pregnant women. Other than that, it is a great fruit for everyone.


This is the star fruit commonly found on carts outside the schools or at the Juhu beach, the carts carrying green mangoes, berries and peanuts. As it does not need any peeling, carambola can be a great snack, which you can toss in the tote and carry to work. It contains a very waist-friendly 35 calories. The carambola is very tasty and you will often notice school and college goers enjoying this fruit outside their campuses. Carambola can also be eaten in summers.

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As an ingredient: When it is over-ripe, you can cut it crosswise to make a star-shaped garnish on drinks or desserts. An over-ripe fruit is always good for a topping, since it will give a neutral taste – not too tangy and slightly sweet. You can also make compote by simply cooking it in sugar syrup or in the berry syrup. Once it is chilled, you can either have it plain or along with an ice cream.

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