No Indian occasion, festival or celebration is ever complete without a nice box of sweets. May it be Diwali or a wedding in the family, it is essential that there be enough sweets for the entire family. There are times when we have to be away from our family due to various work related issues. But then that does not mean that you miss out on the festivities! You can always let them know that you are with them and are celebrating along with them by ordering a box of sweets online and sending it to them!

Whether you order from an online modak sweet shop or you buy a few pedas, what matters is that you place the order right. Here are some pointers that will help you make sure that you place an order that will be enjoyed by your family:

  1. You have to keep the size of your family in mind when you place your order. Do not order 10 sweets for a family of 10. Everyone should have at least 2-3 sweets allotted to them and hence do not settle for anything less than a box of 25. The bigger the family, the larger will be the box. When you are sending sweets, make sure that there is plenty for everyone so that for once they can give their sweet tooth the nudge it deserves.
  2. Different members of your family will have different favourites when it comes to sweets. While some will be fond of barfis, others would love a few pedas. So, it is best that you do not send a box full of one type of sweet. Rather go for a box with assorted sweets that will be perfect for fulfilling everyone’s cravings. In fact, if you are sending a box of sweets for a formal occasion as well make sure that you go for an assorted box.
  3. Keep the health issues and restrictions of your family members in mind. If you have a family member who has high blood pressure or is diabetic then when you Order modak sweets online in India just make sure that there are a few diabetic sweets as well. Take care not to go for too many fried sweets and opt instead for sweets that are a little less trouble on your digestive system.
  4. Another important thing that you should keep in mind is that when you are placing your order, you will not be able to order sugary syrup sweets. The syrup might drip and hence the entire package might get ruined. Thus, it is best to stick to dry sweets like pedas and barfis which are not only delicious but are easy to transport as well.
  5. When you start looking for sweet boxes online for your family, you will see that they come in various ranges. So in order to narrow down your search, fix a budget for your sweet box from beforehand and that will help in placing your order more efficiently.
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These are some really crucial pointers that you ought to keep in mind when it comes to selecting the right sweet box for your family.

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