The real Pink Panther. Where does it come from?

real Pink Panther
real Pink Panther

If you’ve seen one of the many spinoffs or even the original, you’ll have heard about the Pink Panther. This is a fictional diamond that appears when you hold it up to the light to have a pouncing Panther within. The light that shines out of a diamond is known as its “fire” and there is such a thing as a pink diamond. If you were looking for such a diamond by Buying Diamond Rings Online, then this firm at might well be able to help you. Let’s have a look at the Pink Diamond in more detail though. It might help you to make you mind up as to what you’d like to buy.

All diamonds are formed via massive amounts of pressure. These are usually in volcanoes or near the site of one-time volcanic activity. Whilst most diamonds are classed by experts in varying degrees of colourlessness the pink diamond is clearly infused with a pink colouring hence its name. It has been subjected to even more increased pressure under the earth than that of a regular diamond. As soon as a diamond gains a colour it becomes classed as a fancy and that is going to be a huge increase in the diamonds price I’m afraid. They are classed as the same as white diamonds which are considered to be the best in the regular diamond category. They do produce flawless ones and the most celebrated is that of the Pink Star or Dream depending on which auction house you attend it would seem.

real Pink Panther
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Debate as to how the pink diamond actually becomes pink is deeply debated. As mentioned before the belief is that the pinkness comes from the increased pressure on it. Others have claimed that it is the effects of a strong seismic shock that has seriously jolted the geological structure of the diamond into a sort of mutation. The diamond type has been found throughout the world in Russia and India, Canada and Brazil plus South Africa and Tanzania. They have been used as a special arrangement for many crowned heads and one of the most famous of these was given to Queen Elizabeth the Second in 1947. She was a Princess back then, so you have to ask what the Geologist who found it and gave it to her was after. She still likes to wear it today, its one of her favourites. The other more contemporary use of a pink diamond was when the actor Ben Affleck popped the question to the actress Jennifer Lopez. Although the marriage was short lived the interest in pink diamonds in engagement rings went through the roof. It was certainly a very good advertisement for them. Because of this the value of the pink diamond is still very high today.


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