Trendiest Flower Girl Dresses for Your Wedding

Weddings bells are everywhere, whether you are in the East or West and North or South. The year 2019 seems to be a year full of wedding celebrations. It is truly a year of blessings, which started with many celebrations of roads to forever. As it is a new year, brides would prefer to choose the newest styles, and the coolest styles for the dresses, including her own wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses as well as the flower girl dresses.

Planning is difficult for the bride alone hence she also needs ideas and recommendations may it be just for a wedding venue if undecided or the dresses most especially the flower girl dresses. Deciding her own dress may not be a big problem for her as she can try on dresses to see which styles would look nice on her while choosing the most fabulous dress that catches her eyes. Bridesmaid dresses too can be simply decided on by her bridesmaids and she can just approve the style however flower girl dresses are a bit difficult to decide on especially if the bride wants the little children to get involved. Here are some of the options that can be considered as the trendiest ones for this year, which can be shown to the little princesses.

  1. Lace flower girl dresses

Lace flower girl dresses are the best options if you are looking for vintage inspired dresses. Lace is a web-like pattern that is made of cotton thread, linen or silk, which can either be made by hand or machine. This pattern can either be sewn on to a dress lining, which makes the dress not see through, meanwhile, some lace patterns are not too spaced-out. If the wedding day falls on a cold season, it would be best to have a partial lace flower girl dress. On the other hand, full lace flower girl dress would be more suitable when it is summer especially if the dress does not have any lining as it will be more comfortable and cooler.

  1. White flower girl dresses
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White flower girl dresses are considered to be timeless styles. It is never too old nor too new. Choosing a pure white dress for the flower girls is always a trend in any weddings. It may be considered traditional too. Meanwhile, it is still up to the bride whether she chooses white flower girl dresses or she chooses colored flower girl dresses based on the wedding color theme.

  1. Ivory flower girl dresses

White and ivory are two different colors however the difference is not obvious. The ivory color is more on cream color however it looks white from afar hence it is usually an alternative color when brides are looking for an off the white colored dresses. The advantage of choosing ivory flower girl dresses would be the obvious appearance of the details on the dress.

  1. A-line style dresses

This style is known to be the princess style. A-line dress has a skirt that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem. It is a style close to a ball gown style and usually associated with fairytale dresses. For a child who is inspired by fairytale movies, this would for sure be her option when given the chance to choose which dress will she wear.

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