Signs You Are Tilting in Poker


Tilting in Online poker generally refers to the state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration because of which, the player is not able to use his strategies and in fact results in becoming over-aggressive. Tilting occurs mostly when the players play the game emotionally and not rationally.

Tilting in poker differs from person to person but there are some common signs that you can avoid:

  • Do not count your loss because it will only lead you to a situation where you would want to win your money back. And this is one of the most dangerous effects of tilt in poker.
  • Avoid holding any personal grudges on your opponent because you will ultimately want to defeat him and by doing so, you will not be able to utilize your strategies in the Poker game.
  • Bankroll management also plays a very important part because if you do not step-down even after continuous loss, thinking that you can win your money back, then you are making a very big mistake here.
  • You should keep in mind not to get over-excited or over-emotional even if you win big hands or end up losing, as it will only trigger your emotions and when your emotions are triggered, you end up making sub-optimal decisions.
  • Avoid getting frustrated even if you happen to receive a bad run of cards. Try to be more patient and avoid the feeling of insecurity.
  • Being confident is good, but the exaggerated form of self-confidence may land you up in taking risky bluffs which is not a good sign while playing poker.

If you happen to notice any of these signs then you should probably take a break and fresh your mind so that you’ll be able to put your concentration on the game and not be carried away by other thoughts. Tilting will only cut down your ability to utilize your strategies and skills and you might even end up having a negative attitude towards the game.

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