Steps To Truly Look After Your Employees

The wellbeing of the people you who work for you or who you work with is a major consideration when running a business. It is so important, in this day and age of work and life balance, that the individuals that are a part of the collective be considered as exactly that – an individual. Gone are the days when people sign contracts and then just become a number in the system, steering their way through the cubicle life of nine to five, Monday to Friday. The human behind the worker needs be recognised, appreciated, compensated and look after. This will serve the company and its bottom line and financial year well in the end.

Look after them

From prolonged lunch breaks and off days for birthdays, to salary reviews and adequate amenities in and around the office, there are several ways of offering employees bigger and better benefits that don’t have to break the bank. In the security conscious world we live in, one way of doing this is by offering employee lockers for those who want to secure some or all of their personal belongings during the working day. Workplace theft is not a nice thing – and so very much avoidable by introducing some key measures, which will make the guys and gals at the office so much happier.

They don’t have to be like those old metal school lockers that we all know so well from our days growing up. These days, they can be slick, swanky, shiny contraptions of various sizes for your place of work. They can house handbags, mobile phones and many other items. Sizes come in big, small and medium – and there are even extra large ones for unusual circumstances

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Being accommodating to the item

If for instance, an employee has a beloved hobby that he or she takes part in at the end of the work day – and his or her transport and travel costs don’t really allow for a stop off at home en route to the favourite pastime, a locker at work can be very hand. A rollerblade enthusiast or skateboard fan might want to store their wheeled instrument in a locker for safekeeping, and then get it out of there at the end of the day. Keeping such items behind lock and key is handy, particularly if the item is or was of significant value. It just makes for an all-round better peace of mind for one and all.

Try to keep it low cost

If you, as the employee, simply can’t afford to cover the entire expense of a fleet of workplace lockers on your own, then you’d be advised to charge a rally minimal rental of sorts for the use of the containers. We are talking really incremental here, that will encourage employees to use them and not instead shy away because of the expense. This must be a last resort, though. Try front the expense yourself and work the costing into the annual budget, which can be offset by other items on the agenda for the next financial year.