Understanding the Nuances of Online Reputation Management

Before fixing any problem, knowing the depth of the problem and a proper understanding of the situation is very important. In the same way, before fixing up the issue of online reputation, it is very necessary to find out what is your standing in the world of internet and then go ahead to manage it.

The below given points can help you in gauging the position of your company online.

  • The first thing that is to be done is a google search for the company or the brand name and find out what is there. Finding out what people are saying about the company is crucial before trying to make the reputation stronger.
  • Setting up of ‘TalkWalker’, which is a free mention monitoring service. You just have to put the name of the company in their system and then they start sending mails to you.
  • You can seek the help of the Online Reputation Management Companies in India, to fix the standing of their business. Near about 40 % of the companies seek help of the online review websites to determine their business quality. The social media sites like Facebook and Twitter explains what people talk about the business. Listen to the reviewers and take a note of all the comments.
  • Those who know about your brand, the online profile is not of much importance. But those who don’t know about your brand and search for it, then should get a perfect information about all the details of your company, your contact address and numbers and the description of your business. This is where you will be requiring the help of professionals offering ORM Services in India.
  • Compare your company’s profile with that of your competitors and try to find where do you lack in terms of articles, and online reviews.
  • If there is any negative content, take a note of it. Many a times steps can be taken to remove it and many a times it can be pushed down.
  • Research and find out where do your competitors get positive reviews. Then, try to outreach to those publishers and mention about your company there too.

How to fix up the reputation of the firm?

Now after finding out the problems, it is time to find a solution to them and improvise the reputation of the concern in the following ways.

  • Tune up the reputation:

If a reviewer felt that there were too many drinks on your bar, then it’s time to fix it up right away. If the online reputation is found weak, then its time to take out big steps to make it strong.

  • Manage the negative reviews:

Whenever there is any negativity on the internet about the company it is important to take it seriously and handle that appropriately. The best step is to respond to them. Knowing the truth and trying to improve it, will take the company to new heights.

  • Do not get affected by the negative review who just want to attack your reputation:

There are many people who would post negative comments and go to any extent just to put your image down. In such situations it is very important to use your intuition and avoid them politely.

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Any legitimate grievances are to be sought out with the apt solution and genuine replies. When there is a witty comment, it can be taken up lightly, but do not accept anything that attacks the reputation directly and neither should you any offensive reply.

Now to counter attack these negative people, you can try and get some positive comments from people who are happy with your brand and are in association with you, from a long period of time.

The potential customers will get impressed with the positive views of the satisfied customers and ignore the few negativity instigated by your rivals.

The cleaning procedure of the social media presence:

After auditing your reputation, if you find a weak online presence of yours, then it can easily be improved, or rather made stronger with the help of the social media sites today. The social media sites give great opportunity which can attract new customers.

By improvising the keywords, which can be incorporated in the text in blocks and naming things precisely, and through minimal SEO efforts great reputation can be achieved.

There is freedom of speech and there is availability of lots of space on the websites too. Platforms like Twitter limits the number of words for the posts, but other sites like LinkedIn and Facebook allows to write quite a lot of words to explain in detail about the company’s achievements and experience.

These are platforms of great expression where the company makes a direct rapport with the customers and also solve their grievances in a shorter time and in the best possible way.

Communicate through these sites what are your company’s visions and what are your future plans.


The Online Reputation Management is a continuous process which needs  to be performed at regular intervals. The procedure explained above can prove to be of great help.

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