The logo, identity, and brand

A logo is a symbol or sign that aims to identify an entity or a company. The logo does not function as a sales tool, but rather serves to symbolize identity. A logo represents a company like a face that represents a person. We use a logo to remind people of a company’s service, quality products, and other similar qualities.

Identity is totally based on the aspects of a brand. It is the appearance of an organization in visual forms through the use of typography, color, and images. Identity generally refers to guidelines specifically designed as a guide for the visual description of a business. Common examples of identity include visual tools such as stationery design, brochures, flyers, websites, signage, uniforms, and other similar visual tools.

The general perception that a brand is limited to its logo, slogan, colors, and typography. A brand is the emotional perception of the integral image of a company. The process of coherence and commitment contributes to the construction of a brand. The positive perception will only be established if the company provides good service and quality. Any company can try to establish its brand in a positive way, but the decision rests with the customers.

Graphic software for logo design

You should design the logo in vector graphic format, which is based on dashes and dots on the computer so the size can be enlarged without affecting the quality or resolution of the image. This is completely different from the raster or bitmap format that is created with the pixels in an image. There are many vector-based design applications you can choose from, such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, or Inkscape.

Criteria for a good logo

Some of the criteria that used to design a logo:

Simplicity: a logo is always simple, based on the principle of ‘less is more.’ It is because a logo is evaluated for its operability, not its aesthetics. Its simplicity will make it easier to identify the functions represented in it.

Individuality: The unique a logo is, the easier it is to notice or identify it, among others.

Memorable – A good logo can be easily remembered. A memorable logo can enhance your business image and brand.

Relevance: The main purpose of the logo is to provide identification; there must be a clear relevance between the business represented and the logo.

Flexibility – Logos must be flexible enough so that they can be easily applied to a wide variety of visual media, such as engraving, screen printing, or 3D signs. This flexibility depends on the simplicity built into a logo.

Timelessness – Logos are generally used for very long periods, perhaps decades. If your logo is too modern, you will have to redesign it after a certain period of time, which will make it inconsistent and confusing for customers. Also, the redesign costs are quite high.

What you think if you saw a logo design that incorporates an image of huge, muscular men with a font written in bright, dazzling colors?

Will you trust him? I doubt!

Physical fitness is important in life, which is why there is a steady increase in the number of fitness service providers around the world. The exponential growth of fitness centers has resulted in stiff competition to stand out. In competition, a well-designed fitness logo is necessary to fully convey your message and make your brand unique.

Designing a good logo is the first step in establishing an identity. The fundamental function of a fitness logo is to represent health, strength, and fitness.

The question is how to design a distinctive, attractive, and unique logo for your brand.

What image should be used?

Most of the time, fitness logos are designed with an image of a man or a photographed representation; this is too boring, generic, and out of date. Try something different and unique, use illustrations with fancy fonts and colors. Instead of creating abstract designs to symbolize people, use your environment or location for inspiration. Do not use on Muscle Men or fierce animal images as Gym Central Image.

Appropriate color scheme

Anything can be used when it comes to color. The vibrant and strong colors give a refreshing look, subtle colors can also be used, but again the main purpose of the logo is to attract attention and create interest in the target market, so the vibrant colors are more striking and robust. Do not wear excessive black or colors that are generally associated with women.

Font style

You want to sound professional to your audience. Using a simple, straight font will give you a look you want. If you want to be experimental, use the 3-D effect or give it a forward lean touch that symbolizes speed and strength. Don’t use hyphenated fonts as it doesn’t give your logo a professional look.

Work with a professional

Working with a professional for logo design is always recommended. Many companies are hesitant to invest in logo design and prefer to do it themselves.

Although today the Internet offers many free services and tools to design your own logo. But the logos produced using these tools and techniques generally lack a professional touch. Do not design completely on your own without proper knowledge of the procedure; seek help.

Keep these points in mind and stand out from the competition.

Apart from everything, the main importance of a logo is to create a visual identity, rather, to create the personality of a company. Color plays a vital role in creating logos. Color should be used to label or hierarchy, to represent or to unify. Secondary colors can be used to harmonize the main color palette. Supporting colors are used to keep the design fresh and forward-thinking. A harmonious effect must be created through the color used in the logo; it must be unique, versatile, and functional. Few balances must be maintained when creating it; a balance between color, shape, and position is essential. Symmetrical balance, asymmetric balance, and the radial symmetric balance must also be maintained.

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