Why Googling Yourself Will Help You to Understand Your Business

We all Google ourselves sometimes; how else will we know what is being said about us on the internet? Eighty-two per cent of businesses have admitted to Googling themselves, and with good reason. It allows companies to assess their appeal to clients.

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A survey by web design company Digimax found that 37 per cent of businesses believe that Google can make a business successful or cause its demise.

Why Do People Google Their Businesses?

There are many reasons companies Google their businesses, and all of them provide business owners with vital information about their performance and popularity.

In the ever-competitive business world, companies need to compete against others to be continuously noticed. A web development company in London such as can support companies in their quest to improve their website image and customer reviews.

Over a quarter of businesses used Google to see if customers had left any negative comments about them. It’s a useful way to know where the company is failing and how to improve customer service. Customer reviews were also a focus, with more than half of businesses searching to see what customers liked about their service and recognising the impact of reviews.

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Seeing how the competition was ranking was another common reason. In fact, 61 per cent of businesses used the search engine to check how their company compared to others.

The landing page of any business is important. It gives the first impression of a company and will either make clients want to find out more or cause them to leave the page. Around 69 per cent of businesses recognised the importance of this. Just under half of businesses also searched to see what clients would find when searching for their name.

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What Google Searches Tell Businesses

Many businesses were surprised when they Googled themselves, with less than half saying they were displeased by what they’d found in their search.

Shaz Memon, the creative director at Digimax, summarised the findings of the results by commenting on how important Google has become in the business world. Companies are now seeing the search engine as the platform that could make or break their business.

While companies previously used Google as a tool to improve their rankings, they’re now utilising it to update their image to customers.