Why is the Bare Copper Wire Needed in Industries?


Bare copper wire manufacturers are in much demand in India because copper wiring is widely used in a variety of industries. Copper wires have been used as raw materials for multiple industries because of their superior finish, high strength, conductivity, corrosion resistance and dimensional accuracy. Before choosing copper wire manufacturers in India, you need to read online reviews about them and check for customer feedbacks on the products.

Bare-CopperWhat are the advantages of using bare copper wire?

  • When you use bare copper wire, the greatest advantage you can enjoy is conductivity. Copper is bar far the best conductor amongst all metals.
  • In terms of flexibility too, copper wiring is preferred because in electrical wiring, you may need this especially when you are doing house wiring. Wires need to be bent and twisted to get the work done and for this copper wiring is ideal. Although the bare copper wire is flexible, it is not any less strong when bent. It is not brittle and will never break even if you twist it hard at precarious angles.
  • The bare copper wire has a very high melting point which ensures that it will not catch fire easily. This makes copper wiring very safe to work with. When there is a surge or an unexpected overload, the wire will not burn; so, any chances of there being a fire hazard because of power fluctuations is completely ruled out.
  • Copper wiring is also durable and does not need to be repaired regularly. The bare copper wire will not suddenly become loose as is the case when you use materials other than copper for wiring.
  • You will find that manufacturers of electronics and electrical equipments always specify that they have used copper wires in their products. This is necessary because incompatibility problems may arise if other kinds of wires are being used at home besides copper. When you run a non-copper wire into a bare copper wire, a galvanic reaction occurs that may become dangerous. It may damage the copper wiring and you will need to repair the whole wiring. Copper is very convenient to work with and this is why most electrical equipment experts will prefer copper wiring. They can be easily pulled into very tight positions and you need not worry about oxides forming on its surface.
  • Metals can also go through a lot of wear and tear and weakening because of high humidity or moisture; however, copper is corrosion-resistant and is ideally suited for marine applications.
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These are some of the main benefits which the bare copper wire will provide. Copper wiring guarantees far better performance compared to other metal wirings. Even when exposed to frequent contraction and expansion, the bare copper wires do not get affected. If copper is not used, you may have to check the wires periodically and even introduce extra metal to counter the effects. Copper is both hard and flexible at the same time; displays great tensile strength making it ideally suited for the telecommunication industry.

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