7 Reasons Why Writing A Children’s Book is a Good Idea


I somewhere heard that 8 out of every 10 people want to write a book in their lifetime. But the problem with most of them is that they don’t know which type of book they should write. Selecting an audience, genre of the book and the concept, everything needs a lot of time and research to ensure that you write a great book.

With easy access to the internet, one can easily find a long list of ideas and tips on ‘how to write a book’, but there will be very limited information on ‘why’.

If you are confused about the target audience, I would suggest you start with a children’s book. There are many who give less importance to a children’s book and don’t consider it a proper form of literature. But if written well, a children’s book can also make you a successful author. Here are a few reasons to support the statement and to answer ‘why’ for writing a children’s book.

Kids make a larger audience than adults: If you compare the number of adults who read the books with the number of children, you will find that the later wins. Children between the age of 8 and 12 make the largest book readers.

You can make living by writing children’s book: Don’t be so excited. You cannot start making money from the first day or in your early career. But once you become a popular writer having your books on bookstore shelves, you can definitely make a living from it.

Children’s book writers get attractive speaking fees: If you compare the pay scale of adult book authors who work as adjunct professors with the income of children’s book publishers who work as speakers, you will love to write a children’s book. They are invited by schools, libraries, top companies and other organizations to share writing tips and can get handsome money for each day.

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Children’s book publishing world has more opportunities: Normally, it is really hard for the new writers to find a publisher who easily gets ready to publish the book. But school book publishers in India are welcoming and give the opportunity to the aspiring children’s book authors. You can attend seminars, conferences, and other events to get in touch with the book publishers.

Children’s book authors are remembered more: Expert writers who have written both the adult and children’s book say that they are best known for their children’s book. So by picking this genre, you chances of getting remembered are more.

Writing children’s book is more interesting: Undoubtedly, writing a children’s book is difficult due to a lot of research and completely different thought process, but at the same time it is more enjoyable than adult books. Kids love stories which are interesting, delightful, thrilling and terrifying. While searching for different ways to bring down young readers’ imagination on paper, you also start enjoying the process.

Children’s book authors get more appreciation: Everyone likes to get praised for his/her work. Fans make a huge asset for the authors. If you write a great children’s book, chances of you getting an appreciation mail from a fan a very high. It encourages you to write more and better for them.

So next time when someone asks you why you write for kids, tell them these reasons. Writing for kids is always a better choice in terms of earning, popularity, publication, and fame. Once you are done with the writing, find a reputed school or text book publisher to get your work printed.

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