An MBA Degree from a Well-Established Institute can propel your Career Forward

MBA is currently one of the most popular and sough after professional degrees in India with the demand for this postgraduate degree in management reaching an unprecedented levels in recent times. Master of Business Administration (MBA) traces its origin to USA where it is believed to have come into existence not more than a century ago. Within a short span of time, an MBA has become one of the most prestigious and important professional degrees in the world, which attests to its importance in a modern globalised world marked by marketplace turbulence and cutthroat competition.

The immense popularity an MBA degree enjoys in India can be gauged from the fact that every year close to two million aspirants sit for top management competitive exams like MAT and CAT whose scores are accepted by majority of management schools in India.  CAT (Common Aptitude Test) in particular is the best known management competitive exam conducted by highly prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) for admission to their post graduate program in management. Additionally, CAT scores also form the basis of admission in various top management institutes in India who issue call letters based on a candidate’s performance in this highly rated competitive test.  Apart from highly eminent IIMs, there are various other prestigious college accepting CAT scores in Jaipur or any other Indian cities where you have a good chance of securing admission in a well-established business school if you have scored well in CAT.


Fast pace of globalization, easy access to information and consumer empowerment has significantly contributed to the rise and significance of an MBA degree. Also, in a highly competitive job market, a well-known professional degree like MBA can make you distinctly visible in the crowd.  It is of utmost importance though to mention in the very beginning that an MBA degree is only going to serve its purpose of giving you a good job with excellent career progression opportunities if it is obtained from a reputable business school known for producing quality business graduates. Top level organizations hire MBA graduates only from accomplished business schools as they know that only a quality business school can equip them with skills and knowledge to deal efficiently with complex challenges of the modern business world.

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Top class business schools over the time have developed a reputation for providing excellent business and management education. Their students are paid top salaries by both reputable national and multinational firms because they know that their intensive, relevant and cutting-edge MBA program delivers the competitive edge, international experience and added value, MBA programs of lesser known institutes will find it impossible to replicate. Top management institutes offering MBA in Jaipur or for that matter anywhere in India push their students beyond their comfort zone which enables them to achieve much more than was initially thought possible. The experience as such is most likely to be rigorous, intense and life-changing for an MBA student. All this though is for the overall good of the participants as they will be reaping the rewards of a modern, relevant and market-oriented MBA program long after graduation.

A second-rated management institute on the other hand could do more harm than good to your career aspirations. Degrees awarded by bottom-rung management institutes do not carry much weight in the job market and you will find yourself struggling to latch onto a good job which can justify your investment of time and money in pursuit of the degree. Inferior management institutes neither have the infrastructure nor the faculty to offer you a degree that commands some respect in the marketplace.  More often than not they do not have any placement cell and the campus placement opportunities as such are more or less absent.

This is the reason all experts and mentors lay special emphasis on doing some research before you make a final commitment about taking admission in any particular institute. In fact, prior research should be an integral part of your MBA application process. Spending some time upfront finding more about a business school and the quality of education it offers could save you a lot of pain and grief in the end.