Career Choice and Burning Trends in Technologies

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In today’s fast paced world, everyone wants to become successful very quickly. But this isn’t an easy job. There are no shortcuts to achieve success and one has to burn the midnight oil for doing so. But, there should be passion and zeal in the heart of the aspirant. So, you need to be wise while making the career choice.

The career choice need not depend on the current trends that are prevalent at a particular point of time. The choice of career is a very important for the candidate. So you should follow your heart while making the career choice. No one in the world can stop you from excelling, once you start loving what you do. So, just believe in to your dreams and continue making an effort for it.

In a fierce competitive world, you have to do something extraordinary to make your presence felt in the world. There are plenty of choices which can make you earn well but the future scope has to be kept in mind while joining any kind of study. You can make different choices ranging from Medical, Commerce, Arts, Engineering, Fashion Designing and more.

One can choose medical sector as his/ her choice if he/ she wants to save people’s lives. You can choose commerce if the you think from a business perspective. If you want to follow any kind of art like music, dance, painting & drawing, you can do wonders in arts stream. One can choose fashion designing as a career. This sector one of the newest sectors which has a lot of demand and scope for future. At last, the most sought course/ field comes: The Engineering. The aspirants who want to build/ discover something new or invent an authentic object. The field of engineering is limitless. There are numerous of opportunities in Engineering. The disciplines like Automobile, Architecture, Civil, Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunications, Aeronautical and many others come under this umbrella.

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There are many colleges in all over India which offer B.Tech to the aspirants. There are B.Tech colleges in Andhra Pradesh too which offer good quality education. Nowadays, the B.Tech curriculum has inculcated a lot of advancements which include:

  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • Embedded Circuits
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Composite Construction Materials and more.

Bachelor of Design is a relatively new field as compared to the other fields. This course is related to fashion industry. Everyone wants to possess something unique. The designer should be artistic, unique and original with his/ her work. This industry requires a lot of fresh minds to manufacture new designs.

These new designs can be incorporated in:

  • Garments
  • Jewellery
  • Footwear
  • Textiles

The B.Des course details and syllabus are revised year by year according to the new fashion. However, it includes various subjects which provide in-depth knowledge of dyeing and design of fabric, garment construction and its types, surface preparation and more.

Apart from above, there are many other courses like B.Arch, BHM, MHM, MBA and M.Phil which have a distinct place in the industry these days also. You can explore more and more when it comes to the courses available which have a lot of scope in the future. The trends of various fields keep on changing according to the demand of a type of goods. So, an individual should not rule out a particular field completely as it might come into the trend after some time.

In a nutshell, the choice made by the candidate can decide what kind of future he/ she might have. So, the candidate should observe the recent trends in the employment and placements regarding that particular field and then opt for a particular field. Only you hold the key to your future !!!

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