Essential Tricks to Cover UPSC Mains Syllabus in the One Go

UPSC Preparation Books

Have you ever though what makes a person quite successful and the one failure in mains?

Each candidate has their own copy of study material, almost all are quite dedicated to their work, some go for coaching classes, some take tips and guidance from their friends and seniors but it is high time that we should find out what makes one quite successful and one failure. There are many students who say they have been studying for 18 hours and despite of this they could not clear it but on the other hand there are some students who study normally for 8-9 hours and could easily crack the mains. The only difference in this case is, one is ordinary and the other one is extra ordinary. Be very particular when it comes to choosing  Books for the UPSC entrance exams 2017.

UPSC Preparation Books

Some Essential Tricks to Cover the UPSC Mains Syllabus in Just One Go:

  1. About the Syllabus- As compared to rest of the years this year there is a change in syllabus. General studies have become the optional paper. Do not ever get tensed when somebody says there is some change in the syllabus. They believe in choosing students who are very bright and active in their day to day life. Thus the syllabus has really been changed, first try going to the syllabus of the same. If you are aware of the syllabus 20% of the work is there thee itself. Through it, you could easily get an idea of what to read and what not. Do not ignore the added syllabus at all. Try bringing out different questions from the topic. Try to cover the added syllabus the first. You could easily avail UPSC study material from any common book store.
  2. Keep a Balanced Approach Towards the Optional Syllabus- All the candidates will have to select two optional for mains many students keep the same option for both mains and prelims. But there are some who have a different optional paper and two different optional papers for the main. You will have to give equal priority to each one of it. Do not neglect your optional for your prelims. Do not ever give less time for your mains. Some times with the difference in the approach of your way of studying you hardly manage to get 300 in the second paper. The difference in the approach brings about lots of differences in the score. UPSC main syllabus is not that easy to get through.
  3. Different Skills for Presenting Your Answer- After their prelims and till the main exam everyone is all set to do a tough preparation for the main exam. Only studying will not help you pass or clear the exam, you need to study with such different and witty tricks. Apply your knowledge in how to finish the entire paper in just three hours. What you write in the exam is something that decides if you are a topper or a failure.
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Having a UPSC Study Material is a must if you are looking forward to clearing the UPSC exam easily.