Hygge craft ideas

Every language has words that don’t have an obvious translation. In British English a good example would be ‘flabbergasted’ – sort of really surprised, amazed and perhaps even a touch shocked, all rolled into one.


Hygge craft ideas

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In Denmark the word ‘hygge’ is equally fluid, describing those moments you feel warm, cosy, and kind of content. Traditionally used to describe winter evenings around the fire with a full glass and plate, creating a hygge lifestyle has become a serious quest for some people around the world.

Experience hygge through crafting

Perhaps the ultimate way to set up the perfect hygge moment is to create something by the light of a fire. Crafting is relaxing and therapeutic anyway, so add in a warm and cosy environment and what else could you need? Here are four easy hygge-inspired craft ideas to get you started.

Hygge craft ideas

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Make a jacket for your teapot

Hygge evenings with a pot of tea are unbeatable, so don’t leave your teapot out in the cold. Knit or crochet a lovely bright tea jacket for it. These fit much more snuggly than traditional tea cosies and are more stylish.

Create pretty candles

Save a few wide-rimmed glass jars, around the size you buy jam in. Once washed and dried, you can spend an evening decorating the outside. Think glitter, fake snow, acrylic paint – whatever look you like best. Once dried, pop a tealight inside and light it for a subtle and atmospheric glow.

Design a padded lap tray

Supper in front of the fire is a must for the true hygge experience, especially if you design the lap tray you will use. Spend an entire evening deciding on the perfect words and images to add to a readymade base from a company such as; after all, hygge is about taking time and truly enjoying every moment.

Make shiny stars

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Grab some eye-catching paper in your favourite colours, a bottle of glue, and some string or wool to hang them up later. Armed with a 3D star template and scissors, these are simple to make and deliver a hefty hygge punch. Once completed, you have some simple decorations to keep the feeling alive.

Discover your inner hygge by trying some new crafting activities this year – there are no rules or limitations.


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