Hotel Management Course in Agra

Hotel Management courses are one of the best offering made by Heritage Institute of Hotel and Tourism; our team of teachers is expert and they are having knowledge of the same Hotel Management. Heritage Institute of Hotel and Tourism provides you the most efficient platform in terms of Hotel Management courses in Agra. Located on the Agra, our institute offers BA, MBA, B.Tech in Hospitality and Tourism from Heritage institute of Hotel and Tourism. These programs empower the students to be readily employed in the wide range of Hospitality, Tourism and Service sectors.


Hospitality industry has boomed in India in the past decade Hotel Management as a career has taken off among students and as a result, there has been a spurt in the hotel management college in Agra. The Hospitality Industry is the second largest in the world. The demand for skilled professionals in the industry is increasing not only in India but also throughout the world. The world ‘Hospitality’ means friendly and generous behavior towards guests. Apart from five star hotels, airlines, railways, ships, hospitals, travel agencies, call centers & banking sectors also come under hospitality. The Hospitality industry is booming at a rapid pace. This industry offers a myriad of exciting and diverse career opportunities for people across all cultural, social and national boundaries. The gap between demand and supply for hotel industry professionals is huge. To cope with the gap HIHT is playing a leading role in Agra as well as in India.

Heritage Institute of Hotel and management is a prime hotel management college in Agra. HIHT has one of the best and biggest infrastructures and is affiliated to National Council for Hotel Management. The objective of the college is to create future leaders in the Hospitality industry. Looking at this stupendous growth, it is envisaged that there will be a marked shortage of technically skilled professionals at all levels. Keeping this in mind, our curriculum is designed to meet the challenges and demands of domestic and global markets. The management college in Agra aims to produce professionals suited to all sectors of the hospitality industry including administration, planning and strategy development.Our hotel management courses program Masters in Tourism Administration course, helps students in developing tourism related areas to enhance ethical & human values from our traditions. It’s an in-depth study about tourism which helps in Tourism Management Education.

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Our Aims

  • To offer industry relevant curriculum to meet the ever growing demands of the service sector.
  • To support reading and research to meet effective quality assurance standards for a well structured progression of the student’s career path.
  • To encourage students to vitally reflect on theoretical & practical approaches to behavior, work & organization, in the Hospitality Industry.
  • To provide students with the ability to cultivate, establish and fulfill human needs to identify and solve profession related problems in creative way and to perceive the significance of social, economic and environmental influences as they relate to the hospitality Industry.

Bio :- Heritage Institute of Hotel and Tourism is a professional Company, which provides Hotel Management course, Tourism management and Office Management courses in Agra.