How to Start School Business In India

It is a good idea for business minded people to join education sector. At present, demand for high-quality private schools is increasing, but it is also important to understand that the process of starting school in India is not as easy as it looks. More than 22 million children are getting education in schools in India more than that, even though 14 million children are deprived of education despite this. According to a common survey, India currently needs 200,000 more schools. In the field of higher education, only about 1,500 additional universities and colleges are needed.

If you are thinking of doing School Business in India, then this is the right time. Despite the tremendous demand for schools, that demand is not being fulfilled. That’s why not only for not only increasing the figures to private investors, but a huge market has been open to improving the overall quality of education.If you have shortage of money you can get franchise of anyrenowned school. School Service Franchise Cost depends on the reputation and status of the school.

Starting School Business In India

Starting a school in India is not easy. One, there are many ‘what to do’ and ‘no’ and there is a reason for it. No one can be allowed to start school privately and you can start this business through a registered society. Such an institution can be made as per ‘The Societies Act, 1860’ or ‘Public Trust Act’ of the States. The other way is that someone can privately install the company according to Section 25 of ‘Companies Act 1956’.

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Apart from all this, there are some essential licenses, which should be taken from the concerned authority category. If a trust or a society decides to establish, then there should be at least 5 to 6 members in the committee, which are called together and called the managing body. The body is to be elected president, secretary, and counselor and has to declare formally so that all the people in the society know about that matter.

Permissions and licenses

At the time of setting up the school, the trust or company has to get multiple licenses. These include the permission of NOC for water and electricity use permits and, in particular, the land on which the school is located. NOC School is close to the existing educational institutions in that area and whether there is a need for a new school or not, it is kept in mind. Before completion of three years of getting the certificate, it is mandatory for the school building institution. If this is not so, then the new certificate has to reapply application. It is also called ‘Mandatory Certificate’ (EC) and the State Education Department releases it. Such land is usually issued through auction and at a subsidized price. This is done because the use of land is going to give education and there is no business approach to making personal gain from it.

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