Information you Should Know about Wipro and its Recruitment Process in 2015

A large number of technology brands is setting up their offices in India, increasing the number of employment opportunities. This country is known for offering a brilliant workforce from a long time. Be it an Indian brand or an international brand, now everyone is in the race of picking up the best candidates through their recruitment cells.

The target of these technological companies is to find out fresh minds, who can deliver them quality service using their skills. Among other reputed technological brands, one of the most popular among the job seekers is Wipro. This is an India rooted multinational IT sector organization. From a long time, this organization is hiring new talents from different parts of the world. To recruit these staffs, the HR heads of the organization travel from one place to another. Often you can hear about the campus recruitment process of Wipro in different engineering colleges.

The specialty of the recruitment cell of Wipro is that here you can expect a fair way of recruitment. The recruitment cell of Wipro assists every brilliant student to take up the challenge to face the board and to clear the board by accomplishing the requirement of the company. Every year Wipro publishes its recruitment advertisement on its official website, By visiting this website, the aspiring candidate can get the details of the recruitment process and at the same time the dates and venues of the visiting of HR executives in the engineering colleges.

In general, for its IT section, Wipro prefers to recruit students from the B-Tech, BE, M-Tech, ME, and MCA education fields. To recruit these candidates Wipro sets a particular percentage starting from the Xth standard to latest degree exam. It is believed that 2015 recruitment process in Wipro Technologies will carry on the same procedure for hiring new candidates. Generally, Wipro conducts a written test for the candidates. Later, the passed out candidates of written test are called for the face to face interview with the HR executives. In this interview, the interviewers ask various questions regarding the skills, and the academic base of the student. Along with this, the HR personnel of Wipro on the personality ground carefully judged students. Once they get the right and desired candidate for their organization, they discuss the salary and the job profile.

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In general, Wipro mainly recruits its working staff through three-tier exam that is held every year. The first section, which is a written test, has 60 questions, which needs to be answered in 50 minutes. After clearing this step, the next round which is a technical interview takes place. It takes 20-40 minutes where the technical skill or the understanding of concepts of the student is judged. Once the student clears the round, they take the HR interview to judge the candidate’s core personality and ideals. The person within the candidate is judged through this process. Here we will give a detail on the fields after each step.

Fields to be taken care for the aptitude or analytical rest

  • Time and Work
  • Time and Distance
  • Train and speed
  • Calendars and clocks
  • Blood relationship
  • Logical deduction
  • Number series
  • Partnership
  • Theme detection
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Probability
  • Data Interpretation
  • Seating arrangement

Topics for the verbal ability based field

  • Synonym
  • Antonym
  • Sentence correction
  • Idiomatic expression
  • Odd man out
  • Choosing right phrase
  • One word substitution
  • Punctuation mark test
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Arranging a word

In one word, the entire concept of the candidate is checked through this verbal ability test. The special arrangement of tricky questions helps to find out the right candidate for the organization, who can handle the customer as well as the work requirement of the company.

On the other hand, technical interview consists of the questions on

  • C,C++
  • Optical Fibre
  • OIS , Data Structure
  • Sql, Micro processor

The HR interview question of the Wipro is built to find out the nature of the candidate and to judge the quality of him to handle various problems in the difficult condition of the work environment. Here we draw an outline of the question fields that you can expect from the HR personnel of Wipro

  • Self introduction
  • Favourite Subject
  • Your Project
  • About your project
  • The reason for choosing Wipro
  • The rating of the interviewer
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Along with these questions you will be judged on the basic traits of your nature

  • Presence of Mind
  • Self Confidence
  • Eye Contact
  • Absorption skill of technical matters.
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